MLL Security Breach

This is just a short statement from all at Lacrosse Bucket about the MLL security breach.

This is the worst possible way to end the 2017 season and transition into player movement. Not to mention that they will be searching for a new commissioner or should be. that’s another story. So, what happened tonight was surprising that they didn’t catch that magnitude of a problem if they reviewed the press release that an intern most likely wrote. However, it is not one bit surprising that there was a mistake on a press release. I think almost every press release this season has had something wrong with it. We have seen wrong games, misspelled names and even wrong scores and dates and times. The last thing I would ever think of is players personal info being attached to a press release. As well as that info including Social Security #’s, players Physical Adress, Phone #’s and more!! That is just rock bottom type of stuff right there.
So as you can see that the attitude of most MLL fans is that this incident is not surprising one bit. However, personally, I feel the content that was released is surprising. Now how can the MLL rebound and regain the trust, hearts, and fandom of so many that have bashed the league all summer? One way is to find a new commissioner fast! I have the utmost respect for Commissioner Gross since he is the 1st commissioner that the MLL has had. That is good that he stepped up and took on a tough task like that. He has his downsides just like every commissioner does. He has made mistakes like tweeting a live game stream for a game that was a whole 24 hours later. Secondly, I feel that they may need to revamp LSN and make that more profitable. The NLL has done so many good things since their new commissioner came in last season and I feel the MLL can do the same.
Lastly, Once there is a mistake made and people email the league to get it fixed and it gets fixed why does it happen again. I understand that accidents and mistakes happen but not every single week do they happen. maybe once or twice a month but not every week. If they want to be seen as the premier pro lacrosse league like they should be, at least in the states, then those things can’t happen.
So to cap this rant off, The MLL needs to announce their new Commissioner search, revamp LSN to make it more profitable, and just fix what mistakes they make week in and week out. The product on the field is great but the operations around that product are horrible and take away from the greatness of the game. That is my little rant on the MLL for the day.

During this rant, I was not trying to degrade the MLL or anything like that. I am a huge MLL and NLL fan so I support both leagues equally. I just want things to be better so I needed to point out the awful mistakes that have been made by the MLL league officials.



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