Lacrosse Bucket Bracketology: Part 1

Cornell Athletics

  It’s Bracketology time! It is really crazy that we are already to this point in the season, but we are. So, there are obviously teams that are looking great right now and teams that aren’t looking so great. This will be based off of if the season ended right now. So, the bracket will reflect right now and we will see changes as we get closer to selection Sunday.
Also, there are a few bubble teams that could possibly jump in and grab a spot as we move from week to week.

   In the NCAA DI Men’s Lacrosse tournament there are 17 teams in all, 16 after play in game, 9 of those teams will be automatic qualifiers and 8 teams will be at large qualifiers. The automatic qualifiers are teams that win their conference and at large teams will be teams that have a good enough resume to get in. Now, you will notice that the ACC winner is technically not an automatic qualifier because they don’t have six teams in their conference. 


1. Albany (America East Winner)*
2. Maryland (B1G Winner)*
3. Syracuse (ACC Winner)
4. Villanova (Big East Winner)*
5. Johns Hopkins
6. Notre Dame
7. Yale (Ivy Winner)*
8. Rutgers
(*) = automatic qualifier

Non Seeded Teams

Bryant (NEC Winner)*
UMass (CAA Winner)*
Bucknell (Patriot League Winner)*
Canisius (MAAC Winner)*
Furman (SoCon Winner)*

(*) = automatic qualifier

Bubble Teams



   Vermont has only one loss but they have beaten everyone else. Their one loss is in conference to Albany. Albany is undefeated, so I think if Vermont beats Virginia in a few weeks and runs through the rest of their conference they have a good case. Now, if they loose to Virginia they are out. 
   Lehigh is interesting because they are in that crazy Patriot League. Literally, it is a mess over there. I think if Lehigh gets to their conference championship game they can get in. Especially if they beat Bucknell in the last regular season game and Loyola on Saturday. 
   Denver just has to win the Big East. That is how plain and simple that is. They play Villanova tonight and whoever wins that will have an upper hand. Now, if Villanova wins tonight but then loses another conference game and Denver just has that Villanova loss in conference then Denver is in. 
   Harvard is looking at being in the Ivy League tournament. They are in that middle pack with Penn and Brown. I think Harvard can make the Ivy tournament and they could at least get to the championship game. If that happens then I think they get in over Penn. Also, if they beat Penn in the regular season they are in. 
Hofstra and Delaware are going to be two contenders for the CAA championship. I think whoever wins the regular season game between these two will have the upper hand in getting into the tournament. Especially if neither wins the CAA.

Virginia will have to win an ACC game this year to get in. They play North Carolina this weekend and if they can win that game they should be able to get into the ACC tournament. That alone should get them into the NCAA tournament.

Projected Bracket

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