Gameday! Cornell vs Syracuse, Georgetown vs Loyola

Rich Barnes / LaxPower

   We have some very big matchups today with these games. The biggest game today is obviously Cornell vs Syracuse.
These teams have a long standing rivalry and both are very good this year. Georgetown vs Loyola is a very good game in the DMV as both teams have had good seasons thus far. We also have some other good games on hand as well for you all. Always remember, Tuesday is for the hunter.

Georgetown vs Loyola 

      This will be a great game. Georgetown finally got back to their winning ways over the weekend with a win over Providence and Loyola demolished Lehigh on the road. Both of these teams are very good and really anything could happen. Loyola is lead by none other than Pat Spencer. Spencer has been one of their top guys since he broke out as a freshman. He had 4 goals and 3 assist against Lehigh, so Georgetown will certainly look to shut him down. Georgetown is lead on offense by Jake Carraway and Daniel Bucaro who both have had good performances all year. On the defensive side of things both these teams have good D’s. I really have liked Georgetown’s defense better this year but Loyola still has great guys on that side of the ball. This game should be a great battle between two great teams.

Siena vs Princeton

      This could be a good game, but I think we all know who the better team is here. Siena has only won two games and is on a seven games losing streak. The Saints haven’t won a game since February 24th. Princeton isn’t doing good in conference but they have gotten some good wins on the season. I’m really not sure that Siena will be able to stop Princeton’s Austin Sims and Michael Sowers. This game looks to be Princeton, but you never know.

Alderson Broaddus vs Hampton

      The Hampton Pirates will travel to West Virginia looking for another win after taking a loss at Cleveland State on Saturday. Alderson Broaddus is a DII team and they will be looking to get a home win against DI Hampton. The Pirates have had some success this year as they are 2-7. This should be a pretty good game. 

Canisius vs Robert Morris

      This is actually a sneaky good game. Both of these teams are pretty good this year. Now, Robert Morris has been the better team but I have really liked what I have seen from Canisius this year too. This really should be a great game. Both of these teams have very good offenses and it will be interesting to see how the defenses handle it. I really think this game can be one of the better ones today for sure.

Cornell vs Syracuse

      This will be the game of the day and maybe one of the best games all week. The Cornell Big Red lead by Jeff Teat will go toe to toe with the Syracuse Orange. Now, Cornell has one of the best offense in the county. Syracuse just has a great team all around. I really can’t wait for this classic rivalry game. Cornell’s Jeff Teat has 26 goals and 36 assist on the season. That is the one man that the Syracuse defense has to stop. He can tear this Syracuse defense apart if he wants to. Now, Syracuse id lead by like Jamie Trimboli, Brendan Bomberry, and Nate Soloman. Those guys will need to play very well today. I know Syracuse is on a roll now, but we have seen them at their worst this year. As mentioned, Syracuse has  a great defense, so they need to play well too. This should be a great game and you don’t want to miss it. 

UMass Lowell vs Dartmouth

      These two teams are not the best in the country by far. Now, with that said you should still try and watch this game if you want to. I think you will really like what you see out of the UMass Lowell offense. I think they have been pretty fun to watch when I have been able to catch a game. Dartmouth is actually a team that can slow down a game and compete to an extent. That is what they did against Virginia until they were juts out talented. This game might actually be a good one because these teams are pretty evenly matched. 

Final Score
Tuesday, April 10th
3:00 PM
Tuesday, April 10th
3:00 PM
Tuesday, April 10th
4:00 PM
Alderson Broaddus
Tuesday, April 10th
7:00 PM
Robert Morris
Tuesday, April 10th
7:00 PM
Tuesday, April 10th
7:30 PM
UMass Lowell

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