KY High School Rankings: Week 6

  We have made it past spring break and that is hard to believe. Now, most teams did not play any games over spring break so the rankings will look pretty similar to last weeks. You really can’t move anyone if barley anyone played. We did have some pretty big results on spring break though.

1. Trinity (6-2)

      Trinity had spring break off. They will have two home games this week as they play Manual on Wednesday and Carmel (IN) on Saturday.

2. St. Xavier (6-4)

      St. Xavier took a trip to Virginia for spring break and played some pretty good talent. They went 1-2 on the week as they beat St. Anne’s Belfield and lost to Collegiate School and Norfolk Academy. The Tigers will play Collegiate at home on Wednesday and Manual away on Saturday.

3. Henry Clay (6-2)

      Henry Clay will resume play this week as they had spring break off. The Blue Devils will play South Oldham on the road on Friday and then will play Lexington Catholic at home on Saturday.

4. Lexington Catholic (7-3)

   Lexington catholic had the spring break off and will resume play this week. the Knights will have an away game at Henry Clay on Saturday.

5. Fredrick Douglas (7-1)

   Fredrick Douglas had the week off for spring break as they return to action this week. The Broncos will play Madison County LC on Thursday and Covington Catholic on Saturday, both are home games. 

6. Male (7-3)

7. South Oldham (4-3)

8. Eastern (5-2)

9. Collegiate (1-1)

10. Christian Academy Lou. (4-2)

11. Northern KY LC (5-0)

12. Manual (5-2)

13. Madison County LC (5-2)

14. North Oldham (4-2)

15. Elizabethtown (5-3)

KY Preps Lacrosse Podcast Ep. 4–4-Brandon-Eaves-Joins-The-Show-e194nb

2 thoughts on “KY High School Rankings: Week 6

  1. Keep up the good work on the pod casts. Pretty telling that a assistant coach would criticize officials and claim bias. From a 1-4 team, I think they have more to deal with than “bad” officials…


  2. Agreed, to have a coach blame his loses on bad calls or that officials are biased is just petty. I have officiated some of his games this year, they are not losing because of bad calls, they are losing because they are playing better teams.


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