The Ohio Collegiate Box Lacrosse League

Graphic: Jeremy Garcia
      The Ohio Collegiate Box Lacrosse League (OCBLL) is a new collegiate box league that will start play this summer. The OCBLL is part of the National Collegiate Box Series that is run through the US Box Lacrosse Association (USBOXLA).
The OCBLL will be the second league in the National Collegiate Box Series as they join the Colorado Collegiate Box Lacrosse League (CCBLL) that was started last season by the University of Denver offensive coordinator Matt Brown. He created the CCBLL to give American born players an opportunity to play box lacrosse in the summer and not have to go to Canada. Also, with NLL expansion this will help be a pipeline for more Americans in the NLL. Our brothers up north play box lacrosse in the summer and they have different levels like Junior A and Junior B as well as Senior A and Senior B. This is the system that Canadian born players are bred in and it really is a great thing.

   The OCBLL will start play this summer and will have six teams. The way it works is that players register to play in the OCBLL and then the league will hold a draft. This league is open to rising college freshman to rising college seniors. The OCBLL is headed by Nick Meyer and Dylan Sheridan who are both DI college coaches in Ohio. Nick Meyers is the head coach at Ohio State and Dylan Sheridan is the head coach at Cleveland State.

The six teams for the inagural OCBLL season have just recently been released.

   I want to let all college lacrosse players from the state of Kentucky that will be rising freshman, sophomores, juniors, or seniors that this will be a great opportunity to get better over the summer. These games will be played in Cleveland and Columbus so that is not far at all. As Coach Sheridan says in the statement below, you can get an internship up there and play in the OCBLL while doing so. I seriously want to see some guys from Kentucky up there playing this summer. Box can help you develop skills like playing in tight areas among many other things that you just can’t learn in the field game. Throughout this spring I have noticed a difference in the guys that played box over the winter for programs like L4, or guys that played in Canada over the summer. Those guys seem to be playing very well right now and you can see how box lacrosse has helped them be better in the field game. The OCBLL is something that you should really seriously consider.

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2018 Schedule:

Here are some statements from Coach Meyers, Sheridan, and a college player that are featured on 
“The OCBLL in Cleveland will provide an outlet for elite player development over the summer for collegiate student-athletes serious about improving their game and competing at a high level,” added Sheridan. “Players in Cleveland can live downtown and take advantage of a wide array of job and internship opportunities in the city. 
“In addition to growing as lacrosse players, I want them to gain valuable work experience, expand their professional network, and strengthen their resumes as well. It’s a win-win situation. I am very excited to watch the league grow and attract top talent to The Land.”
Bice, a former Ohio State standout and Major League Lacrosse all star, has been one of the biggest supporters of USBOXLA-sanctioned box lacrosse and feels the OCBLL is the natural next step for Resolute athletes. 
“For us at Resolute, we’re always looking for ways to provide opportunities for our players, and college players are no exception,” said Bice, who for the past two summers has served as a coach with Team USBOXLA during high profile Canadian tours. “We’ve had a lot of kids graduate from our program who are currently playing lacrosse in college. 
“When they come home for the summer, there’s nothing really competitive for them to get better. Now there is.”
Resolute will also manage the everyday operation of the OCBLL, currently in the final stages of negotiating an arena deal in Cleveland. 
“With more USBOXLA-sanctioned collegiate leagues popping up in the next few years, I’m really confident this is going to be something that really catches on and succeeds,” added Bice. “We want to give Americans a similar experience to what Canadian collegiate players experience during their summers. 
“I think the NCBS is what will get us there. It’s almost impossible to fathom how big this could be even just a few years from now, but to see the impact the CCBLL had in just a single season last year, well, I’m beyond excited to see this continue to grow into something really special.”

Check out this documentary that TLN did on the inaugural season of the CCBLL

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