NLL Weekend Preview; Finals Game Three

Photo Credit: Saskatchewan Rush

This is the big one here on Saturday. The game that we have all been waiting for all season long. The NLL Finals Game Three. Who will take home the NLL Cup, Saskatchewan or Rochester?

Saskatoon will be rocking on Saturday night as the Rush take on the Knighthawks in game three of the NLL finals. Saskatchewan won game one at home, Rochester won game two at home, and now we are at game three which is a home game for Saskatchewan. The Sask Tel Center will be rocking all game on Saturday, as both teams will put up a big battle for the NLL Cup. It should be a very exciting game, and I hope it is a lot better than last weeks game.

Last week Saskatchewan got off to a good start but then let Rochester take over, especially in the second quarter. Rochester did very well capitalizing off of Saskatchewan’s mistakes and that really helped them secure the win. Rochester was lead by Josh Currier, Graeme Hossack, Matt Vinc, and more last week. They will need those guys to step up big again. Saskatchewan saw some good play out of Mark Matthews and Robert Church. They will need the entire team to play as a whole, as we know they can.

Rochester’s offense was very electrifying last week as Josh Currier lead the way with four goals and two assist. That performance from Josh was much needed and I wouldn’t be surprised if he can repeat this week. Rochester really needs to use that great offense just like they have been. Also, some of the young guns like Austin Shanks have been playing very well. That is one thing that every championship caliber team needs. The ability for many guys stepping up for Rochester has been a driving force for them in the playoffs. Those extra pushes on both defense and offense have been great for the Knighthawks. Matt Vinc and that Rochester really stifled Saskatchewan and they need to do that again.

Saskatchewan has been playing as a whole unit all season long. Last week, their main weaknesses were exposed over and over again. If any team was capable of doing that it was Rochester, because they did it in the regular season as well. The Rush need to get back on track and play as one cohesive unit. That is how they usually play and should play. Last week was a pretty down game on both the offensive and defensive sides of the ball for Saskatchewan. That offense has got to be able to stay on track all game and not look satisfied when that have the lead. Also, a few extra possessions from Jermey Thompson at the faceoff dot would help there too. Also, Evan Kirk has got to play better in cage. Now it’s not all on the goalie, but there were some save last week that he should have saved easily.

The Knighthawks need to find a way to replicate last weeks performance and the Rush need to figure out how to get things clicking again. This is the final game of the season, and winner takes home the NLL Cup!

Game Info: Saturday, June 9th – 9:30 PM ET , Watch Live on Twitter or NLL TV

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