Trout and Jasinski Headline Inaugural OCBLL draft

Photo Credit: Preps Net

The Ohio Collegiate Box Lacrosse League, OCBLL, had their inaugural draft on Friday afternoon. The OCBLL is a box lacrosse league for college age players that gives American players a similar experience that Canadian players have had for years playing summer box. This league is the second college box lacrosse league in the United States.

More info on the OCBLL Here

This inaugural season of OCBLL play will be full of talent. The top two picks of the draft were Landon Trout (Bellarmine) and Jack Jasinski (Ohio State). Those are just two guys among many talented players that you should watch for this season.

Round 1

#1 Aviators – Landon Trout, F, Bellarmine
#2 Rivermen – Jack Jasinski, F, Ohio State
#3 Walleyes – Michael Wilson, F, Cleveland State
#4 Stags – Connor O’Brein, F, Wheeling Jesuit

Round 2

#5 Stags – Zach Whitenack, D, Cleveland State
#6 Walleyes – Andrew Boniface, F, Hartford
#7 Rivermen – Nick Musci, F, Ohio State
#8 Aviators – Hunter Barco, F, Ohio State

Round 3

#9 Rivermen – Jack Hannah, F, Denver
#10 Walleyes – Jason Sullivan, F, Cleveland State
#11 Stags – Austin Popovich, F, Robert Morris
#12 Aviators – C.J. Hughes, F, Capital

Round 4

#13 Walleyes – Collin Mitchell, F, Seton Hill
#14 Stags – Cole Jaquith, F, Denision
#15 Aviators – Dylan Comella, D, Capital
#16 Rivermen – Logan Maccani, D, Ohio State

Round 5

#17 Stags – Jed Manning, T, Ohio State
#18 Aviators – Skylar Wahlund, T, Ohio State
#19 Rivermen – Matt Huizenga, G, Ohio Northern
#20 Walleyes – Crew Cintron, F, Lehigh

Round 6

#21 Aviators – Phillip Elliot, G, Independent
#22 Rivermen – Colby Barker, F, Ohio State
#23 Walleyes – Jared Stepka, F, Cleveland State
#24 Stags – Sam Hixon, T, Onadaga CC

Round 7

#25 Rivermen – David St. Clair, T, Seton Hill
#26 Walleyes – Nate Mendez, F, Cleveland State
#27 Stags – Max Elliot, D, Haveford
#28 Aviators – Cliff Kigar, F, RPI

Round 8

#29 Walleyes -Nathan Brunner, FO, Limestone
#30 Stags – Eric NeCamo, F, Rollins
#31 Aviators – Evan Hellmich, D, Robert Morris
#32 Rivermen – Vittorrio Cancilla, F, Indianapolis

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