Patriot Legue Schedule Changes, Max Edelmann Given Fifth Year at Rutgers

Photo Credit: Lax All Stars

Patriot League Tournament

The Patriot League tournament has always been the week before the other conferences, besides the ACC. Starting in 2019 that will no longer be the case as the Patriot League is moving their conference tournament back to coincide with every other conference, beside the ACC. You used to see Patriot League teams start conference play before everyone else due to the conference tournamnet schedule as well as the number of teams in the conference. 
Loyola head coach Charlie Toomey’s statement about the schedule change from the Baltimore Sun

“You want to play against top-quality out-of-conference opponents, and we were locked into playing a league game in February with one bye weekend going forward,” he said. “It just really made it hard. If you wanted to play tough teams, you had to back your season into late January or early February. This gives us a late-February game against a nonconference opponent. I think it’s exciting for the league. … I think this gives us the opportunity as a conference to go out and schedule some quality games that will not only help your own team but also the league in general. So I applaud the league for moving forward with this.”

Loyola & Rutgers Series 

The Loyola Greyhounds and the Rutgers Scarlet Knights have agreed to a four-year home-and -home series that will start in 2019. This game will be the third week of the season and is a result of the new Patriot League schedule. As far as the host team it will go Rutgers, Loyola, Rutgers, Loyola. That means that Rutgers will host in 2019 and 2021 as Loyola will host in 2020 and 2022. It should be a very fun series as both programs have been pretty dominate over the past few seasons.

Rutgers Goalie Max Edelmann Returning in 2019

Rutgers goalie Max Edelmann will be returning to Rutgers in 2019 as a redshirt senior as he he has received a fifth year of eligibility.

Statement from Max Edelmann on coming back in 2019

“I’m very excited for the opportunity to come back to Rutgers for one more season of lacrosse and to be able to pursue my Master’s degree,” Edelmann said in a news release. “It was an easy decision for me to come back to The Banks after the past few years considering the success we’ve had under Coach Brecht and the culture we’ve created here.”

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