England Uses Comeback to Defeat Japan and Capture 5th Place

(Photo Credit: English Lacrosse)

This game looked like a blowout in the first quarter as Japan would be leading 7-0. It wouldn’t end up being a pretty good and close game as England performed a huge comeback as they defeated 11-9. the result of this game would have England finish in 5th place and Japan in 6th.

This game would start out going all Japan’s way. In the first quarter they controlled all facets of the game including possession time and pace of play. They would start off the game with two goals from Gaku Iwano and Ryu Matsushita that would start off their seven goal run. Satoshi Seike would have a hat trick, three goals, in the first and Mikisuke Sekine and Wataru Tsugu would each have one a piece. That great offensive run would push the Japanese out to a 7-0 lead heading into the second quarter.

Many teams that are down by as much as seven goals at the end of the first quarter may not play with as much energy the rest of the game as they feel the game is over already. Well England would do the exact opposite of that as they exploded and played with the upmost confidence the rest of the game.

In the second quarter we would see England start the quarter off with a four goal run. During that England run we would see Thomas Brook score two as Samuel Patterson and Alex Russell each had one. That run would cut the Japanese lead practically in half as the was now 7-4 Japan. Mikisuke Sekine would score the only goal for Japan in the second to disrupt England’s flow just a little bit.

However, England wasn’t done just yet as they would get one more goal before the half ended. That goal would come courtesy of Nicholas Watson. Japan would still be holding onto an 8-5 lead heading into the half, but the game felt like it was going more England’s way on both ends of the field.

England would come out of the half with just as much energy as they went into it with. In the early part of the third Engalnd would be able to control possession and take a few shots on cage early. It would be a few minutes though before Christian Scarpello would net one and give England the full momentum back. Zachary Guy and Ryan Hunns would each score one for England after that and help tie it at eight all.

This time Japan would have an immediate answer on the next possession as Kinori Sugihara would score and help Japan retake the lead 9-8 late in the third. That would be the last goal of the quarter and unfortunately Japan their last goal of the game.

England would complete their comeback in the fourth as they controlled the pace of play and really limited the opportunities that Japan had. Christian Scarpello, Nicholas Watson, and Zachary Guy would score the three goals for England in the fourth to help secure the 11-9 win and complete the comeback.

Three Stars

⭐⭐⭐: Christian Scarpello (ENG) – 2 goals, 2 assist
⭐⭐: Zachary Guy (ENG) – 2 goals, 2 assist
⭐: Satoshi Seike (JPN) – 3 goals

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