USA Defeats Canada in Controversial Ending to Take Home Gold

(Photo Credit: US Lacrosse Magazine)
This highly anticipated rematch for the world championship surely did live up to they hype as we saw some of the best lacrosse in the world on display here. End of the game controversy aside, it was a fantastic game by both teams. We would see Canada and their stout defense and great inside finishing offense. With the USA we would see some awesome ball movement and play on both ends as well. It had all the makings of a great game and we ended with a storyline for 2022 in Coquitlam, BC.
In the early part of the first quarter the USA would be able to control the possession game as they got out to a 2-0 lead after Tom Schreiber and Paul Rabil got things going for the USA. It seemed that Canada was struggling on offense early in the game as they and a few turnovers in a row. It wouldn’t take long for the Canadians to finally get their groove going as they would go on a four goal run to take the lead. Curtis Dickson would score two during that run as Mark Matthews and Ben McIntosh would get one apiece. That would make it a 4-2 Canada lead heading into the second quarter.
Both squads would continue to go back and fourth in the second quarter as both offensives seemed to be fully in sync. Canada’s defense was looking much better too as the brick wall Dillon Ward made his presence know.
The USA would start off the scoring in the second quarter with Ryan Brown scoring early to cut it to a one goal, 4-3, game. Matt Danowski would tie the game up at four all following that Brown goal. It was looking like the USA had all the momentum, until they didn’t. The Canada defense was out in force anchored by goalie Dillon Ward in the cage. That defense would help lead to some long possessions for Canada where we saw Ben McIntosh and Mark Cockerton get a goal apiece. That run to end the half would make it 6-4 Canada.
Ryan Brown and Marcus Holman would be the only two scorers in the third as they would tie the game up at 6 all. The defensive aggressiveness in the third was tremendous as both sides were limiting the other. Late in the quarter we would see some long possessions from Canada, including a five minute possession to end the quarter. Those long possessions would help Canada control the pace late in the quarter. The USA also did a great job not letting Canada get too many open looks and even when they did Canada’s offense couldn’t capitalize.
With it tied 6-6 to start the fourth we were all in store for a very exciting and interesting finish, and did we ever get one!
Curtis Dickson would come around the cage and backhand one in t give Canada a 7-6 lead early in the fourth. The USA would gain possession and Tom Schreiber would put one past Dillon Ward to tie things up at 7 all. Canada would have a few fast break opportunities but we would see a Jeff Teat crossbar shot and some good USA defense. Mark Cockerton would get a goal off a wing dodge to push Canada back out to a one goal 8-7 lead. Each side would get a few possessions but the USA would get some long ones and that would lead to Ryan Brown having the shot of tournament that tied the game up at 8 all. The USA would have possession for about two minutes at the end of the game. With just a few seconds left Tom Schreiber would hit a buzzer beater to win the game for the USA 9-8.
Now, was this a goal? This may be the biggest controversy we have seen in lacrosse in a while. It seemed that every time the ball went out on a USA shot in the last ten seconds they would add a few seconds back on the clock. On that last shot they forgot to start the clock on time as the USA got three shots off in what should have been three seconds. Since you can’t do a video replay in international lacrosse the call stood as a goal. Really they should have waived it off and let them settle in in overtime. In short, Canada got completely robbed and everyone knows it.

Three Stars:

⭐⭐⭐: Ryan Brown (USA) – 3 goals
⭐⭐: Tom Schreiber (USA) – 3 goals, 1 assist.
⭐: Curtis Dickson (CAN) – 3 goals

Game winning goal:

* Watch the clock*

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