Hungarian National Team Escorted Out of Stadium During Championship Game

(Photo Credit: Hungary Lacrosse)

The 2018 FIL World Lacrosse Championships Gold Medal game was held at Netayna Stadium on Saturday at 10AM Israel time. It was a great game between the USA and Canada. The USA would end up winning off a controversial goal that has been a hot topic since the end of the game. While there was controversy on the field there was also some in the stands as well.

The Hungarian national team was at the game taking in the action before the closing ceremonies that would be held after the Gold medal game. Just like many other nationals teams they were all sitting together and tried to stay out of the shade due to the extreme heat that is present during the summer in Israel.

Hungary’s national lacrosse team was sitting in the shade which was in the upper part of the stadium. Because many were sitting in the shade the stadium appeared less crowded on TV. Israel lacrosse didn’t like this as they requested people to move down to the lower bowl so it would look more packed. However, the Hungarian team did not want to move down to the lowed bowl. Personally, I don’t blame them as they just played six or seven games in a week. All of these teams were tired and deserved to be sitting in the shade to take in the final game.

Because the Hungarian national team wouldn’t move down to the lower bowl they were asked to leave the stadium and escorted out by stadium security. This all went down during the first quarter according to Denmark’s James Robertson who brought this issue to light via twitter. Hungary’s national team did participate in the closing ceremonies that followed the Gold Medal game. The Hungarians would later respond to the situation in a reply to Robertson’s initial tweet. In the tweet they said that they were compliant with Israel Lacrosse during the issue and that Israel Lacrosse has since issued an apology to the Hungarian national team.

Issues like this really make my stomach turn as it makes no sense at all. What Israel Lacrosse did was very uncalled for and this situation should have never taken place. If you go back to the true roots of the game lacrosse is supposed to be a medicine for people. The World Championships is, like other world sporting events, a tournament and competition but above all it brings people from various corners of the world together. This action by Israel Lacrosse most certainly doesn’t reflect that at all. Although they have apologized it is still very unacceptable and I hate that it happened after such a great tournament with a lot of positive takeaways.

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