Mydske Back in Saskatchewan, Digby Traded to New England

(Photo Credit: Josh Schafer/IL Indoor)

On Monday there were multiple trades that went down involving teams out west. These trades includes Saskatchewan, San Diego, Calgary, and New England. These are just some of the first trades we have seen since the expansion draft and I bet we will see more before free agency starts August 1st.

Calgary-New England Trade

The first trade that went down on Monday included the Calgary Roughnecks and New England Blackwolves. In this trade Calgary sends forward Tyler Digby and a fourth round 2019 draft pick to New England in exchange for a second and third round 2019 draft pick.

This trade makes the most sense for Digby himself and Calgary but at the same time it doesn’t. Calgary can get some good young talent with those draft picks but they lose Dugby who has been a very valuable asset to them. For Digby New England is a better place for him in terms of geography as he lives in Pittsburg. If you ask me New England is the real winner here because they get a very good forward in Tyler Digby who I believe will make an immediate impact in New England.

San Diego-Saskatchewan Trade

Saskatchewan and San Diego were the two teams involved in the second trade today. In this trade San Diego sends defenseman Brett Mydske back to Saskatchewan in exchange for the 10th and 11th overall picks in the 2018 draft, plus a 2018 fourth round pick and a 2019 second round pick.
Brett Mydske was only on this San Diego roster for literally a week as he was just picked up in the expansion draft by San Diego. Mydske was one of the Saskatchewan players left unprotected for the expansion draft. He now returns and that should be great for Saskatchewan. San Diego does get quite a few draft picks that they can certainly take advantage of. Saskatchewan wins this trade as they get Mydske back, but San Diego can get some good assets with those draft picks. 

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