World Junior Lacrosse Championship

(Photo Credit: WJLC)
The World Junior Lacrosse Championship (WJLC) is, in the simplest sense, the Box (Indoor) world championships for players ages 20 and younger. This years event will take place in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan from August 8th – 12th. Games will be able to watch all the games trough LaxAllStars.
The WJLC made it’s debut in 2015 as the U-19 World Lacrosse Challenge. This was basically created out of a need for a U-19 Box championships since the FIL’s only box event is the Wold Indoor Lacrosse Championships and for National Teams only, not U-19 teams. 
In 2016 the vote was made by organization members to increase the age of participation to 20 years old, since it’s not a FIL sanctioned event. This means that the WJLC is truly a ‘juniors” tournament. This tournament is the only world box lacrosse event for players 20 years and younger. 
In it’s inaugural year the tournament had twelve teams that were a mix of national teams, club teams, and heritage teams from eight different countries. In 2016 the tournament started going into the direction of a one team per nation tournament, but we still saw eight teams from five nations. 
The 2018 WJLC will truly be a one team per nation tournament. This years tournament is a bit smaller as we just have three teams. Those teams being, USA, Canada, and Iroquois. The format will be a round robin tournament with the top two teams playing in the gold medal game. 
There will be a three round robin games as each team plays the other two teams once. The teams will then be assigned points for wins and losses. A win in regulation gives three points, an overtime win gives 2 points, an overtime loss gives 1 point, and a loss obviously gives you zero points. The final two teams, or teams with most points, will compete in the gold medal game. 
The rosters for each team should be announced in the coming weeks as the USA just had their tryouts at the beginning of the month and Canada just named their original 40-man player pool that will be narrowed down. 
Here are some notable players from past WJLC tournaments:
Christian del Bianco, Calgary Roughnecks (2015 Canada West)
Jeff Teat, Cornell / Brampton Excelsiors / Team Canada (2015 C-Lax)
Austin Staats, OCC / Iroquois Nationals / Six Nations Arrows (2015 Iroquois West)
Nick Chaykowsky, New England Blackwolves (2015 C-Lax)
There are also many other notable players that have played in the WJLC in the past as well. 

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