NCBS Announces OCBLL and CCBLL Season Awards

(Photo Credit: CCBLL)

The National Collegiate Box Series (NCBS) has announced the season awards for the Colorado Collegiate Box Lacrosse League (CCBLL) and the Ohio Collegiate Box Lacrosse League (OCBLL). These awards include MVP, Coach of the year (OCBLL), and Coaches Awards. The Coaches awards go to a player, chosen by the coaches, that had a positive impact to their teams success, chemistry, and character


MVP: Troy Loper, Gold Miners (Cleveland State)
Coaches Awards: 
Connor Fox, Blizzard (Brown)
Nate Marano, Fighting Bison (Denver)
Brandon Connell, Stoneflies
AJ Guralas, Red Hawks (Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo)
Jeremy Magno, Gold Miners (Harvard)
Isaac Atenico, Bighorns (Cleveland State)


MVP: Landon Trout, Rivermen (Bellarmine)
Coach of the Year: Steve Gartelman, Walleyes
Coaches Awards:
Gage Johnson, Walleyes (Cleveland State)
Jack Jasinski, Rivermen (Ohio State)
Fin Arneson, Stags (Alabama Huntsville)
Zach Wahley, Aviators (Capital)

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