Rivermen Defeat Walleyes to Capture Inaugural Ohio Cup

(Photo Credit: Sue Doud)

The Ohio Collegiate Box Lacrosse League (OCBLL) Ohio Cup Finals Game two was tonight as the Rivermen won the inaugural championship. The Rivermen would use an impressive display of offense, Goal tending, and transition play to beat the Walleyes 15-9 and capture the first Ohio Cup Finals championship.

In the first quarter the Rivermen would start strong with a four goal run. During that run we would see three different scorers for the Rivermen. Vittorrio Cancila would score twice as Nick Musci and David St. Clair each netted one. The Walleyes wouldn’t fold just yet as they answered with a three goal run of their own. Mark McGinley, Jason Sullivan, and Nate Mendez would all score during that Walleyes run. The first period would end with a Jack Jasinski goal to put the Rivermen up 5-3 heading into the second.

The Rivermen would continue to dominate in the second, but the Walleyes wouldn’t go away just yet. The second would start with the Rivermen getting a goal from Jack Jasinski and the Walleyes answering with a Collin Mitchell goal. That would be the last Walleyes goal or a while as the Rivermen would go on a three goal run in which Jackson Hannah, Jack Jasinski, and David St. Clair would all contribute goals. The Walleyes would finally answer late in the second as Collin Mitchell would end the scoring drought. The Rivermen wouldn’t let the period end like that as Colby Barker would score to push the Rivermen lead out to 10-5 heading into the third.

With the Walleyes in a deep hole heading into the third they would try all they could to dig themselves out. The third would be a little more back and fourth as they biggest run we saw was a two goal run from each squad. In the third we would see the Walleyes score four goals to try and get back on track. Those four goals would come by way of Michael Wilson, who had two, and Luke Swaddling. The Rivermen would continue to build on their lead as they tallied five goals in the third. Nick Musci, Jackson Hannah, and Vittorrio Cancila each had one goal for the Rivermen. Gleeson would have two. That offensive performance effectively put the Walleyes away and secure the 15-9 victory for the Rivermen.

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