Founders Cup: Elora Mohawks Capture Championship

Photo Courtsey of The Founders Cup

The final day of the 2018 Founders Cup was just as exciting as the rest. We had some great lacrosse on display in all three of the games. Some of the big results were Coquitlam winning a medal for the first time since 2007 and the Elora Mohawks winning the 2018 Founders Cup. It was a great way to end what was a great tournament.

Tier I Bracket (Championship Bracket)


Elora Mohawks vs Seneca War Chiefs – 9-5

This was a very fun and exciting game as we did see some back and fourth play. Although it was a great game Elora was able to hang onto the lead the whole game as they looked much better on offense. That offense would start to roll in the first quarter as they started the game with a three goal run that stretched from early on until about the midway point. Seneca would be able to find some life in the first as they score one goal before Elora netted their fourth late in the quarter. With Elora leading 4-1 heading into the second period it seemed they had all the momentum. Seneca would be able to get a little energy themselves as they score two straight in the second. Elora would get one midway through the second to make it a 5-3 Elora lead heading into the third. Elora was really able to put the game away in the third as they started the period with a three goal run. Seneca would get two in the third and Elora would get one more in between. That third would finish off the game as Elora became the 2018 Founders Cup Champions.
Seneca would be lead by Clay Scanlan who had six points (3G,3A) and really impressed all week long. Sherman Williams and Tonatiuh Salinas would also contribute a goal a piece for Seneca. Elora would be lead by Kurtis Woodland, Zack Cameron, and Klayton Hoelscher. Woodland would lead his team and the game with five points (3G,2A). Cameron and Hoelscher would each have four a piece as they each tallied two goals and two assist in the Elora win.

Bronze Medal Game

Coquitlam Adanacs vs Manitoba Blizzard – 9-8

 In a very tight and action packed game Coquitlam would be able to hold off Manitoba to capture the bronze medal, their first medal at the Founders Cup since 2007. In the first quarter we would see a tight literal back and fourth battle. It seemed like every goal that one team had the other would counter. At the end of the first period it would be a one goal 4-3 Coquitlam lead. Manitoba would be able to take and take the lead in the second period as their offense was on point all period. Manitoba would use that big second period to take a 7-5 lead heading into the third and final period. Coquitlam would come out red hot in the third as they scored four straight goals throughout the course of the third. Manitoba would get one goal late but the game had pretty much already been decided. Coquitlam would walk away with the 9-8 win and a bronze medal in hand.

Manitoba would be lead by Andy Szun and Blaze Bezecki. Szun would finish the day with six points (3G,3A) while Bezecki had two points (2G). Mantioba would also see a big contribution from Kelson Borisenko who had five points (2G,3A). For Coquitlam they would see big contributions from Brian Smith and Erik Frosselius. Smith would end the day with five points (2G,3A) and Frosselius with four points (2G,2A) in the Coquitlam win.

Tier II Bracket (Consolidation Bracket)

Tier II Championship

North Shore Kodiaks vs Calgary Shamrocks 7-11

Both teams would come out fighting in the the first period as it was pretty even throughout. North Shore would start the game with two goals in a row before Calgary got their first of the game. Calgary would score two more and North Shore one more before the period ended. With it tied at 3-3 heading into the second period we would see Calgary pick up a little steam. Calgary would score the only two goals in the second about midway through. In terms of offense there wasn’t much in the second as the defenses prevailed. Heading into the third and final period Calgary would hold a 5-3 lead. The third would be pretty tight as both squads put up a pretty big fight. North Shore would cut the lead to one and two goal multiple times but Calgary was able to subdue the comeback and four goal run late in the game would effectively end this one. North Shore did get a late goal in the final minutes but time was not on their side by that point. The Calgary Shamrocks would walk away as the Tier II Champions claiming 5th place in the 2018 Founder Cup. North Shore finishes 6th place overall.
Some of the top performers for North Shore were Jeremi Phoenix-Lefebvre, Andrew MacArthur, and Mathis Couillard as they all had impressive games. Phoenix-Lefebvre would have two points (2G) while MacArthur put up two points (1G,1A). Couillard had three points (3A) for North Shore. For Calgary they would be lead by Colby Fraser, Eric Lemire, and John Geib. Fraser had four points (2G,2A) while Lemire had three (2G,1A) and Geib would have five points (5A) in the win.


Tier I Bracket (Championship)

Tier II Bracket (Consolidation)

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