Coquitlam Takes 1-0 Lead Over Brampton in the Minto Cup Finals

Photo Courtesy of Coquitlam Adanacs
In a series that was supposed to be one sided in Brampton’s favor they would lose game one in a tight battle. People are starting to take back what they said about Coquitlam as they were able to defeat Brampton 11-9 to take a 1-0 lead in the 2018 Minto Cup Finals.
This was a very tightly contested game throughout as we saw these teams battle tooth and nail every possession. As this game got underway you could clearly see this was going to be a great game, and series, not a one-sided battle like many put it out to be.
Colin Munro would start the scoring off early in the game to give Coquitlam a 1-0 lead. Brampton would have a quick answer as Jeff Teat scored less than a minute later. Throughout the middle of the period we would see some great defensive play from squads as there was about eight minutes where we wouldn’t see a goal at all. Brampton would break the silence as Jeff Teat and Justin Sykes would have back to back goals to put Brampton up 2-1 nearing the end of the period. Chase Scanlan would score for Coquitlam and Clarke Peterson would net one for Brampton to end the period with Brampton holding a 4-2 lead.
A few minutes into the second period Jeff Teat would get his third goal of the game to give Brampton a 5-2 lead. Coquitlam wouldn’t be silenced that early as they answered the call. Ethan Ticehurst and Dennon Armstrong would get two goals in a row for Coquitlam. That would cut the Brampton lead to 5-3 midway through the second. Each squad would get a goal just a few seconds apart to make it a Brampton 6-5 lead heading into the third and final period.
The third period is where this game was won. It would still be tight, but we would see a big run from Coquitlam that set them over the edge. Coquitlam would start the third with a four goal run to give them a 9-6 lead early in the period. During that run Coquitlam would see goals from Josh Hofseth, Dylan Foulds, Chase Scanlan, and William Clayton. Brampton would answer with two goals of their own to make it a one goal 9-8 Coquitlam lead. Coquitlam would get two goals at the end of the game opposed to Brampton’s one in the final seconds of play. That big third period run would help Coquitlam get the 11-9 win and go up 1-0 in the series.
The point leaders for Brampton were Jeff Teat who had 5 points (3G,2A) and Clarke Petterson who had 7 points (2G,5A). In goal for Brampton was Steven Orleman who had 43 saves off of 53 shots. For Coquitlam their top point scorers were Larson Sundown with 5 points (1G,4A), Chase Scanlan with 4 points (2G,2A), and Jalen Chaster with 4 goals (4A). In goal for Coquitlam Christian Del Bianco had 37 saves off of 46 shots.

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