Huge Second Period Helps Brampton Defeat Coquitlam and Stay Alive

Photo Courtesy of In Lacrosse We Trust
It would be a very tight back and fourth battle all game long. A huge second period would help push Brampton out and secure the 12-8 win and stay alive in the finals.
The first quarter would be very tight as both squads battled back and fourth on both sides of the floor. Brampton would start off the scoring about five minutes in with a Justin Sykes goal. The ball would then bounce back and fourth as both sqauds played some great defense. Brampton would break the silence once again with a Austin Hasen. Just a few possessions later Larson Sundown would finally get Coquitlam on the board midway through the period. Both squads would go back and fourth trading goals for the rest of the period. Brampton would get goals from Austin Hasen and Jeff Teat. Coquitlam would get two goals from Colin Munro.
Brampton held a one goal 4-3 lead coaming into the second period. In the second we would see Brampton really step up and push the issue. To start the second Chase Scanlan would score for Coquitlam to tie the game at 4-4. As we approached the midway point of the period all energy would start to shift towards Brampton and they would just keep building on that. It would be a six goal run for Brampton that lasted about ten minutes and would close out the period. During that run Brampton would get two goals from Seth Van Schepen and Clarke Peterson. Justin Sykes and Andrew Borgatti would each have one as well. That big run would make it a 10-4 lead heading into the third and final period.
As the second period was all Brampton we would see the opposite in the third. Coquitlam would dominate the majority of the period as they were able to put together a nice comeback and almost take it all the way for the win. Of course we would end with a questionable call as well.
Tyler Mckay would start the scoring off in the third as he would get Brampton another goal to make it 11-4. Coquitlam would answer huge as they went on a four goal run through the middle of the period. Colin Munro would score two during that run as Will Clayton and Dylan Foulds had one a piece. Coquitlam would cut the Brampton lead to 11-8. That wouldn’t be enough as Justin Sykes scored the final goal of the game for Brampton. With a few minutes left both defense’s would be able to hold each offense.
There would be a controversial ending as a Coquitlam played knocked down Brampton goalie Steve Orleman late in the game as he had to come out with about 3:11 left in the game. An official would also go down after the clock ran out. It looked like there was about to be a scuffle between the two teams. It is controversial if the Coqutlam player pushed the Brampton player into the official or not. For the angle of the film it looks like he was pushed.

The leaders for Coquitlam were Colin Munro and Chase Scanlan. Munro had 5 points (4G,1A) and Scanlan had 3 points (2A,1G). Larson Sundown and Dylan Foulds would among others would also contribute a lot for Coquitlam. For Brampton Clarke Petterson had 6 points (2G,4A) and Seth Van Schepen had 4 points (2G,2A). In goal Christian Del Bianco had 34 saves off of 36 shots for Coquitlam and Steve Orleman had 46 saves off of 54 shots for Brampton.

Here is the clip of Brampton goalie Steve Orleman being knocked down

Here is the clip of the official being knocked down after the game was over

Game four will be played tomorrow night at 7:00 MST/ 9:00 EST

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