President’s Cup Day 1 Recap: Oakville Get’s First President’s Cup Win

Photo Courtesy of Lacrosse All Stars

The 2018 President’s Cup got underway today in Naniamo, BC and we had some some great lacrosse on display. With four games that all showcased some high level lacrosse it was a great way to kick off the President’s Cup.

Capital Region Axemen 6 vs Lander Pioneers 13

In the opening game of the day Lander would fins away to get a big 13-6 win over Capital region. It would be a big first period that helped Lander get out to an early 6-2 lead. After that they were able to sustain the lead as Capital region couldn’t seem to ever come all the way back no matter how many possessions or shots they were able to get.
The leaders for Capital Region were Mark Vradenburg and Tim Bergen. Vradenburg had 3 points with 3 goals. Bergen would notch up 2 points with 2 goals. In goal for Capital Region was Brett Perras. No stats were available for goalies.

Lander’s leading point scorers were Bryan Poole, Tyler Kirkby, and Dylan Lacroix. Poole had 5 points (1G,4A) while Kirkby put up 4 point (4G, 1A). Lacroix would have 3 points (2G, 1A). Brodie MacDonald was in goal for Lander. Again, no stats were available.

Saskatoon Brewers 4 vs St. Albert Miners 17

It was a very lopsided game as St. Albert dominated the whole way. St. Albert would use a big run in the first period to put them up and stay in the lead the rest of the game. Saskatoon only had one goal past the 11:07 mark in the first period and that goal came late in the third. It was good old fashion beat down as St. Albert never seemed to take their foot off the pedal.
Adam Saunders would lead the way for Saskatoon with 2 points (1G,1A). Jordan Tornato, Regan Harding, and Steven Toporowski also contributed for Saskatoon. In goal for Saskatoon was Hunter Wongstedt who had 23 saves off of 40 shots.
St. Albert would see big contributions from Darren Kinnear, Richard Lachlan, and Keegan Ball. All three had 7 points with Kinnear and Ball having 2 goals and 5 assist while Lachlan put up 1 goal and 6 assist. Aaron Bold played the majority of the minutes in goal for Saskatoon as he had 28 saves off of 21 shots.

Caughnawaga Indians 9 vs Naniamo Timbermen 7

Caughnawaga started off the tournament strong as the defeated the host Naniamo 9-7. It was a pretty tight game all the way through. Naniamo held a 3-1 lead heading into the second period. Caughnawaga would make up for that with three goals in the second and then explode with five in the third. That run in the second put them up and then those five in the third helped them stay in the lead and get the win.

Naniamo would be lead by Jordan Cunningham and Cayle Ratcliff among others. Cunningham had 3 points (3G) while Ratcliff up 2 points (1G,1A). Nick Patterson had 35 saves off of 44 shots for Naniamo in goal.

Caughnawaga was lead by Vaughn Harris and Blaze Riorden among others. Harris would put up 5 points (3G,2A) while Riorden had 3 points (1G,2A). I goal for Caughnawaga Brandon Miller had 40 saves off of 47 shots in the win.

Onondaga Redhawks 8 vs Oakville Titans 11

It was a historic day for Oakville as they got their first ever win at the President’s Cup beating Onondaga 11-8. This game was very tight as both sides seemed to go back and fourth for the most part. Oakville would have a huge second period which allowed them to get out in front and keep that lead growing. Onondaga would comeback but they just couldn’t break that Oakville lead.
Onondaga’s top point scorers were Josh Becker and Chris Laurita. Becker led the team with 3 points (2G,1A) while Laurita put up 2 points (2G). James Cathers and Kori Halftown also made contributions to Onondaga’s scoring. Ross Bucktooth had 37 saves off of 48 shots for Onondaga in goal.
Oakville would see contributions from Cree Blakely and Gage Board among others. Blakely finsihed the game with 6 points (1G,5A) while Board had 3 points (2G,1A). In goal for Oakville was Craig Wende who had 49 saves off of 57 shots in the win.
Day two of the President’s Cup will see a full day on non-stop lacrosse action as there are five games from 8am to 8pm. All games can be viewed for FREE through Lacrosse All Stars.

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