President’s Cup Day 7: Nanaimo and St. Albert to Faceoff in Championship

Photo Credit: Greg Sakaki/Bulletin Sports

Today might have been one of the least interesting days of the President’s Cup, besides what the outcome of these game would bring. The only games that weren’t one sided were the first two game of the day that featured Saskatoon vs Ladner and Capita; Region vs Onondaga. There games were very close and exciting pretty much the whole way.

After today’s results we found out who would be in the championship, bronze, 5th, and 7th place games tomorrow on the last day of the 2018 President’s Cup.

Today’s Scores

Championship Bracket

2. Oakville Titans vs 3. Nanaimo Timbermen – 3-10
1. St. Albert Miners vs 4. Caughnawaga Indians – 14-2

Placement Bracket

6. Capital Region Axemen vs 7. Onondaga Redhawks –
5. Ladner Pioneers vs 8. Saskatoon Brewers – 8-10

Sunday Schedule

7th Place Game: Capital Region Axemen vs Ladner Pioneers – 9AM PST/12PM EST
5th Place Game: Saskatoon Brewers vs Onondaga Redhawks – 12PM PST/3PM EST
Bronze Medal Game: Caughnawaga Indians vs Oakville Titans – 3PM PST/6PM EST
Gold Medal Game: Nanaimo Timbermen vs St. Albert Miners – 6PM PST/9PM EST

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