Waseda’s American Tour

Photo Courtesy of Waseda Lacrosse
As fall ball gets underway for college teams here in the states many scrimmages start to take place amongst teams. This is a very good chance to get back on the field against another color jersey, prove yourself, and build team chemistry. Coaches may also use fall ball scrimmages to evaluate guys and figure out what pieces fit where. 
One common tradition that we have seen really ramp up over the past few years is an emergence of college lacrosse teams or national teams from abroad come over to the states for an “American tour” where they will play multiple different college teams over the course of a week or so. Many of these teams use this as a time to play against better talent and even learn a little bit from the NCAA coaches and players alike. 
This past week we saw Waseda University from Tokyo, Japan come over to the US and take on multiple teams from Sunday, September 16th to Saturday, September 22nd. Waseda traveled to Maryland so they just played teams in the Baltimore and greater Baltimore area. Some of the teams they played included Goucher (DIII), McDaniel (DIII), Johns Hopkins, and Navy. Although the Redbats were up against some tough competition they were able to hold their own and show these NCAA players and coaches that college lacrosse in Japan is very serious and not to be taken lightly.

Waseda currently plays in Kanto College Lacrosse League they seem to be pretty good from what I can see from their scores and schedule. They are also on top of the standings at the moment. It also seems like Waseda has a lot of support as they are very active on social media and they even have a YouTube channel with highlights and a season pump up video as well. From the looks of those videos they have a couple thousand people in stands at most of their games which is fantastic to see.

During their American expedition over the past week they got to play against some pretty good NCAA competition and they also had some really cool experiences off the field as well. Waseda was invited to East Coast Dyes HQ and US Lacrosse HQ. They also got a clinic from a few MLL players and attended a fall practice at Maryland.

In terms of games they started the week on Sunday playing DIII Goucher College in Towson, MD. Waseda would win 16-7 in that game. You can find the highlights on East Coast Dyes YouTube channel. Their next scrimmage would be on Wednesday against DIII McDaniel and Waseda would would also win that game by a score of 14-6. The last two scrimmages would be the toughest as they lost to Johns Hopkins 21-6 on Thursday and then would lose to Navy 17-6 on Friday.

It was great to see such a high level of competition on display from a Japanese college lacrosse team and it proves how far and wide this game has grown. Best of luck to Waseda through the rest of their season and safe travels back home. You can find more info on Waseda’s lacrosse program from their website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube

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