OJCLL Announces Changes Following Annual General Meeting

Photo Credit Clifford Skarstedt/Peterborough Exaimner
Over the weekend the Ontario Junior C Lacrosse League (OJCLL) held their annual general meeting where commissioner Reg Holinshead announced many changes for the 2019 season. These changes included the addition of new teams and teams leaving the league. There were also some executive changes as well.
The Mimico Mountaineers will be taking a one year hiatus to try and regenerate some new interest into the Jr. C team and regroup. Mimico will also use this year off to try to get some more volunteers that will be able to run the club. In 2018 Mimico went 5-10 as they finished sixth in the west. In the OJCLL playoffs they went 0-2 losing in the first round to Six Nations.
In addition to Mimico taking a one year hiatus, the Gloucester Griffins are withdrawing from the league due to decreasing revenue year after year. Gloucester went 2-12 in 2018 as they finished last, fourth, in the far east division. They  would lose in the second round of the playoffs to Whitby.
Due to Gloucester exiting the league Nepean will be having their rebirth in 2019. The Nepean Knights left the league in 2012 and have been voted back in the league.
During the annual general meeting two new teams were voted into the league as well. The North Shore Kodiaks (Kodiaks Rive Nord) and the Eastern Township Extreme Eagles (Aigles Extreme de I’Estrie) have been admitted as dull members after a one year probationary status. Both squads come from Quebec and North Shore made it to the Founders cup last season where they finished last, eight place, with a 1-4 record.
With the addition of two new full members the OJCLL will examine the league structure and scheduling at the Ontario Lacrosse Association (OLA) annual general meeting. This is due to the fact that there is now a nine team east division and a 7 team west division.
There are two executive changes as Barry Trood has stepped down as Chairman of the Board and Wayne Paddick will be the Covenor of the west division. Lisa Cartman will be the new Chairman of the Board. Reg Holinshead remains as the OJCLL commissioner while Jean MacDonald will remain as the Secretary/Treasurer. Also, Debbie Reynolds will remain as the Covenor for the east division.

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