Can-Am Lacrosse League is Expanding

Photo Credit Frank Geyer
The Can-Am Lacrosse League is expanding after they announced the addition of three new teams for the 2019 season. Of the three new teams coming into the league in 2019 there is a Canadian, American, and First Nations team.
For those who don’t know the Can-Am Lacrosse League is a Senior B box lacrosse league in Canada and Upstate New York. The Can-Am winner advances to the Canada Senior B championship, the Presidents Cup.
The Toronto Tigers were they first team announced to join the Can-Am Lacrosse League next year. They will be known as the Hamilton Tigers. The Tigers are a fairly new team as they were just founded in 2017. They are a travel senior men’s box lacrosse team that has played in multiple tournaments in the USA and Canada over the past year. Some of the tournaments that they have played in include the Western Door Tournament, Battle of the Boarder, Montreal Winter Classic, and more.
The second team that the Can-Am Lacrosse League announced as an expansion team in 2019 was the Pelham Raiders. The Raiders are based in New York and this will be their first ever senior men’s team ever. Pelham has established teams at the Peewee, Paperweight, Novice, Midget, and Bantam level. They also have a U19 and U15 field teams. This will be the first time that the Niagara region of NY has had a Senior B team since 2015.
Akwesasne is third and final team that the Can-Am Lacrosse League has accepted as an expansion team in 2019. The Indians are from the Mohawks territory of Akwesasne and have been playing Jr. B lacrosse in the OJBLL for a long time. The Indians now have a Senior B team and look to have the same kind of success that they have had with their Jr. B program.
With the addition of these three expansion teams in the Can-Am Lacrosse League there will be eleven teams in the league starting in 2019. Because of this increase in teams the schedule will change slightly as well. Each team will play ten home games and ten away games in the regular season. That means each team will have a total of 20 games instead of 14 like last season.

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