CUFLA Playoff Preview

Photo Courtesy of CUFLA
It’s Playoff time! The regular season has come to an end and the playoffs are here in the CUFLA. The first round of the playoffs gets underway on Thursday November 1st. 
The way that the playoffs work in the CUFLA is teams will be seeded in the east and the west. The first round pits teams in the same division against each other. After the first round those final six teams advance to the Baggatway Cup Championship weekend which will be held at the University of Toronto this year. The host gets a bye so Toronto is already in the quarterfinals. 



1. Trent
2. McGill
3. Queen’s
4. Nipissing
5. Bishop’s 
6. Ottawa


1. Western
2. Brock
3. Guelph
4.Toronto (bye)
5. Laurier


The playoffs get underway on Thursday as Western takes on Laurier in the first game. The rest of the first round will be played on Saturday November 3rd. 

5W. Laurier @ 1W. Western – Thursday 7:30pm

The two time defensing champions Western Mustangs come into this game with one of the best teams in the country. After a 9-1 regular season they are looking to return to the Baggataway Cup championship and defend their title for the third year in a row. The Mustangs are led by Cody Ward and Tristian Simeoni who have had great seasons thus far. Ward leads the team with 50 points (18G,22A) and Sineoni is behind him with 26 points (19G,7A). They will surely bring their best game on Thursday and won’t give Laurier any room for comfort on either side of the ball.
Laurier comes into the playoffs after a 3-7 regular season. They have had some highs and had some lows this year but they will need to bring their best game to Western if they want to have any shot at winning. The Golden Hawks are led by Andy Borgatti and Chris Van Ooteghem on the offensive side of the ball. Borgatti has 27 points (20G,7A) while Van Ooteghem has 27 points (11G,16A). It’s going to be a tough one for Laurier, but should still be a pretty good game.

3W. Guelph @ 2W. Brock – Saturday 1PM

This one might be one of the best games of the first round even though it may seem like there may be a clear cut favorite. Brock comes into this game as that favorite. The badgers have been one of the best teams in the league and it shows every game they play. That defense led by Latrell Harris may be the best in the league. On offense they are led by Kurtis Woodland with 38 points (31G,7A). Connor Ham has also been good this year as he has 23 points (19G,4A). There are a whole slew of other guys on this team that can make an impact any given day.
Guelph is a team that has been very good this year but they have had some down times as well. The Gryphons are coming into the playoffs after a 6-4 regular season. They are led by Zachary Luis and James Short. Luis leads the team with 39 points (29G,10A) while Short has 30 points (18G,12A). The Gryphons will have their hands full with a tough Brock team but it may be one of the best games of the first round. 

4E. Nipissing @ 3E. Queen’s – Saturday 1PM

This game is going to be a tight contest between two pretty closely matched teams. Queen’s comes into this game as the higher seed after a 6-4 regular season in which they Nipissing twice. Queen’s is led by Chris Boushy and Angus Rawding. Boushy has 51 points (31G,20A) while Rawding has 39 points (25G,14A). Queen’s offense has been good this year and that shouldn’t change this weekend.

Nipissing is coming into this game trying ti get their first win over Queen’s this season and move on in the playoffs. In the regular season Nipissing went 5-5 overall. Scott Dominey leads the league in points with 71 (44G,27A). Dominey has done a ton of heavy lifting for the Lakers this year. It hasn’t been all Dominey as Tanner Poole has 52 points (20G,32A) while Will Craig has put up 32 points (24G,8A). With two great offenses up against each other this should be one of the best games of the first round.

E6. Ottawa @ E1. Trent – Saturday 1PM

In this game Trent comes in as a heavy favorite as they are the number one seed in the east. They have been right up there as one of the top teams all season long as they went 9-1 in the regular season. The Excalibur are led by Jeff Fernandes and Cole McWilliams on offense. Fernandes has 43 points (20G,23A) while McWilliams has put up 39 points (24G,15A). Trent’s defense, anchored by Austin Cairns in cage.

Ottawa has had a tough year as they went 2-8 in the regular season. The Gee-Gees were able to hang int there with some of the tougher teams on their schedule, but just couldn’t put it all together to get more wins. Their leaders on offense are Fredrick Hartley with 50 points (27G,23A) and Spencer Corkery with 36 points (24G,12A). The Gee-Gees are for sure the underdogs her and Trent may have a better team on paper, but you never know what will happen.

E5. Bishop’s @ E2. McGill – Saturday, 6:30PM

This game may be better than many would assume it would be. McGill is certainly the favorite here as they went 9-1 in the regular season. They have ton of firepower in Seth Obida, Liam MacDonald, and Maxime Murdoch who lead this offense. Obida has 32 points (24G,8A) while MacDonald has 30 points (15G,15A), and Murdoch has 28 points (20G,8A). McGill has very sold defense as well that can shut down any offense. 
Bishop’s is a good team but they hit a few rough patches this season. They come into the playoffs after a 4-6 regular season. The Gaiters are led by Samuel Firth and Joel Wright, among others. Firth has 38 points (23G,15A) while Wright has 27 points (23G,14A). Bishop’s can put up a fight, but they just have the firepower that McGill does this season. Overall, it should still be a pretty good game. 

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