Brock and Western Advance to Baggataway Cup Championship

Photo Credit Henry Zaho

After two great semifinal games on Saturday the matchup for Sunday’s Baggataway Cup Championship has been set. The Brock Badgers will take on Western in a rematch of last years championship. In the semis both teams had to fight hard to keep their seasons alive and advance to the championship. 

Brock 12 @ Trent 11 (2OT)

The Badgers came out hot as they sprinted out to an early 4-0 lead. Trent had no interest in making it that easy as they were able to get it together midway through the first and get four of their own to tie it all up at the end of the first. The second quarter would be all Brock as they went into the half with a 7-4 lead. In the third both teams played excellent defense as each side only scored one goal. Trent would explode in the fourth as they were able to tie the game up 9-9 with 2:30 in the quarter and force overtime.

It was a back and fourth sit on the edge of your seat game in overtime. Brock seemed to have it in the books until Trent tied it up and forced double overtime. In the second overtime period we would see a shootout of sorts in the last minute of the game. Brock would get the last shot as Campbell Parker won the game for the Badgers with 5 seconds left.

Brock was led by Curtis Woodland and Campbell Parker as they both contributed heavily in the win. Woodland led the Badgers with 5 points (5G) while Parker put up 2 points (2G). Trent was led by Cole McWilliams who had 5 points (4G,1A) and Jeff Fernandes as he put up 3 points (2G,1A).

McGill 6 @ Western 10

Western would get off to a hot start as they went up 3-0 at the end of the first quarter. The second period was more defensive heavy for both squads as we didn’t see a goal until the 5:40 mark. McGill would start to fins their offensive footing with a goal that came last in the second. Western would lead 5-1 heading into the half after  Cody Ward goal with 6 seconds on the clock. It would be another defensive battle in the third as neither offense got going, scoring wise, until the 8:50 mark.
With Western holding a 7-2 lea heading into the fourth quarter McGill really had to step it up if they wanted any chance at a comeback. They would be able to get their offense going early as they cut into the lead a tad bit. Western would always have an answer which made it more of a back and fourth game down the stretch. McGill would win the fourth but Western would secure the game with a 10-6 Mustangs victory. 
The Mustangs would be led by Davis Cole who had 4 points (4G) and Rowan Kelly with 4 points (2G,2A). Cody Ward would also have 3 points (3G). McGill was led by Andrew MacDonald and Andrew Chase. MacDonald had 3 points (3G) while Chase put up 2 points (2G). 

Baggataway Cup Championship

Brock @ Western – 1PM

You can find all the games from this year’s Baggataway Cup Championship on Lacrosse-TV FREE of charge. 

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