Top Uncommitted 2020 Recruits

Delbarton (NJ)/BBL midfielder Jack Cerza winds up to take a shot. (Photo Courtesy of Gators Lacrosse)
Since the contact period opened up on September 1st there have been a ton of commitments and flips in the class of 2020. Some guys stayed committed to the schools they committed to a freshman before the rules changed, some decommitted and flipped, and then some guys have decomitted or haven’t committed anywhere yet. The most notable flip is Brennan O’Neill who is the unanimous number one player in the county. O’Neill flipped from Penn State to Duke back in September.
Every 5-star in the class of 2020 has now committed but there are still 8 players on the Inside Lacrosse top 100 list that remain uncommitted in the 2020 class. A few have it narrowed down to a list of schools and then others haven’t made that list known yet, but you always have to consider the school they decommitted from, if they had decommitted.
(All rankings are according to Inside Lacrosse’s recruiting database)

Jack Bonitz, D, McDonough (MD)

The 4-star defenseman and number 49 player in the county decommitted from Penn State back in September. The McDonough (MD)/Team 91-MD 2020 defenseman is a big athletic defender who plays with toughness and is very gritty. Bonitz is a multi sport athlete as he also plays linebacker for he McDonough football team and has wrestled. Many of those skill sets translate easy into lacrosse, especially for a defenseman.

Christopher Kirst, A, Delbarton (NJ)

The number 61 ranked player in the country and 4-star attackman has been uncommitted but has recieved interest from some big time schools for quite sometime. Kirst is a a very quick lefty that can get to the cage and finish. He is also good in transition and can ride pretty well too. Kirst is currently considering Cornell, Duke, and Denver. Cornell and Duke appear to be leading at this point.

Nic Pecora, G, Deerfield (MA)

The goalie out of Deerfield (MA)/Prime Time-2020 is ranked as the number 71 player in the class of 2020. Pecora stands at 5’10 220lb and with a wide frame. He has very quick hands and can steal some of those inside shots that look like sure finishers. He is especially good at saving those low shots as he can track that ball and read a shooter very well. Pecora is currently considering Duke, Notre Dame, Brown, Princeton, and Michigan.

Ross Burgmaster, D, Auburn (NY)

Auburn (NY)/SweetLax-2020 defenseman Ross Burgmaster is a 4-star and the number 77  ranked player in the country. Burgmaster committed to Albany back in 2016 before the rule change. Burgmaster decommitted from Albany back in September. Buegmaster isn’t the biggest defenseman at 5’10 185 but he is very strong and is able to lockdown his opponent. Burgmaster is a great off-ball defender as he is great at timing slides and recovering as well. Ross Burgmaster has two brothers, Jack, who graduated from Albany last year, and Alex who is a junior at Albany.

Jack Cerza, M, Delbarton (NJ)

Delbarton (NJ)/BBL-2020 midfielder Jack Cerza is a threat to shoot from multiple spots on the field. Cerza is able to dodge down that alley and get off shots on the run. He is a good up top dodger and can make things happen in transition as well. Cerza is a 4-star and the number 80 ranked player in the country. Cerza is considering Cornell, Dartmouth, Johns Hopkins, and Notre Dame at this time.

Tommy Marcoon, A, Wando (SC)

The Wando (SC)/3d-2020 attackman is the number 92 ranked player in the 2020 class and a 4-star product. Marcoon is fast and posses a threat every time he has the ball in his stick. He is very good at attacking from behind the cage. He also has a great stick and can be pretty crafty. He also likes going to his right as he has a very strong right hand and can be a dangerous shooter when he gets his hands free.

Chris Tsetsekos, FO, Haveford (PA)

Haveford (PA)/Rising Sons – 2020 faceoff specialist is currently the number 97 ranked player in the class of 2020. Tsetsekos is very tough, strong, and athletic player. He has quick hands as he can win the draw and push out to start the fast break. He is a big threat when he is able to jump start that offense.

Zach Phillips, G, Hill School (PA)

The Hill School (PA)/Thunder LB3 -2020 goalie is ranked as a 4-star and the 100th player in the 2020 class. Phillips is a tall and quick goalie, He is has sharp vision and quick hands. Phillips is able to recover very well and save those rebound shots from the outside and right on the crease. He is especially good at grabbing those low saves and can jump post to post to make a save.

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