Player Profile: David Anderson

Photo Courtesy of Culver Military Academies

David Anderson is a junior attackman/midfielder at Culver Military Academy (IN) and plays JR. A for the Toronto Beaches in the OJALL and JR. B with the Oakville Buzz in the OJBLL during the summer as well. Anderson also played for the Iroquois last summer in Saskatoon at the World Junior Lacrosse Championship (WJLC).

Back in November of 2018 Anderson announced his commitment to play lacrosse at Yale University. 

When asked about how long he had been playing the game Anderson said, “Ever since I could walk,I had a stick in my hands.” Anderson says his first memories of lacrosse was at age five during a family reunion playing catch with his cousins. 

Born into the game as the grandson of the legendary Gaylord Powless who is known as one of the greatest lacrosse players of all time. Anderson said that even though he never saw his Grandfather play he tries to model his game after his. 

“I have definitely felt some pressure having my Grandfather be considered one of the greatest lacrosse players of all time. I know that he is supporting me every step of the way, and is helping me continue the legacy he has made for our family.” Anderson said when asked if he felt any pressure because of who his grandfather was. 

Anderson is a great player and in the field game you can see a big box influence as Anderson has a great IQ and is great getting into those tight areas and scoring, as well as other areas of his game. “Box lacrosse has immensley developed my level in field lacrosse, both skill-wise and mentally.”, Anderson said. 

This summer Anderson played for the Iroquois Nationals in the World Junior Lacrosse Championship (WJLC) in Sasktoon at the Sasktel Centre. Anderson helped lead the Iroquois to a silver medal as they lost to Canada in the champiosnhip game. 

When asked about his expierecne with the Iroquois at the WJLC this summer he said, “Playing with Team Iroquois in the World Juniors was one of the best expiernces of my life. I made many friends from all teams, learned new systems. I was also able to step out of my comfort zone and take faceoffs for our team, which better rounded me as a player today.”

Photo Courtesy of World Junior Lacrosse Championship

Hockey has also had a big influence on Anderson’s game as he has been playing since he was five years old, the same amount of time he has been playing lacrosse. Anderson is a forward on Culver’s hockey team as well. 

When asked about how Hockey has helped him in lacrosse Anderson Said, “I feel that the diversity and different skills needed in the two sports has helped me elevate as an athlethe in both sports.”

Being an athlethe at Culver is no small task as you are held to some very high standards on the field, off the field, and in the classroom. As a Military Academy a normal day at Culver is much differet than at a regular high school or even another boarding school.

“When I came to Culver, I didn’t know what to think of it, seeing it was a Military Academy. I handeled my transition academic-wise very well and I love the way lacrosse and hockey are set up here. Culver has definitely bettered my character on and off the field, as well as physically enhnced my game.” Said Anderson when asked how his transtion to Culver was. 

Looking forward a bit Anderson will be heading to Yale after next year where he will be walking into one of the best lacrosse programs and schools in the country. Anderson said he committed to Yale because of both the high level academics and lacrosse program. ” I felt very welcome and the campus was the nicest out of the schools I visited.” Anderson Said. 

As far as the 2019 season with Culver goes Anderson said, “My goals are to improve as a player and teammate, get better every day, and help my teammates achieve our goal, win.” Culver will open their 2019 season with a road trip down to Louisville, KY on March 9th and 10th as they take on McCallie (TN) and St. Xavier (KY). The Eagles are expected to be ranked as the number one team in the country coming into the 2019 season. 


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