WILC 2019 Team Preview: Ireland

Photo Courtesy of Lax All Stars                                                                                                                         

Ireland is the third team to announce their final roster for the 2019 World Indoor Lacrosse Championships (WILC) that will be held in Langley, British Columbia in September. Ireland is the third team after Finland and Netherlands to announce their roster for the 2019 WILC. 

Last time Ireland competed on the international stage in box was at the inaugural European Box Lacrosse Championship (EBLC) in Finland in 2017. In the 2017 EBLC Ireland would finish 6th overall out of 14 teams. 

Since the 2017 EBLC Ireland has played in E-Box where the faced Scotland and Norway. Ireland also had a team that played in the 2018 Ales Hrebesky Memorial Tournament and a few other tournaments as well. 

Ireland has a stacked coaching staff and roster that is full of both Irish talent and imports from Canada as well. 

Head coach Jeff Dowling will be leading Ireland at the WILC for the third time in 2019. Dowling has a wealth of experience as he has been a head coach, assistant coach, and scout in the NLL with teams such as the San Jose Stealth, Buffalo Bandits, Anaheim Storm, Calgary Roughnecks and others. He has also coached as the MSL as the head coach of the Six Nations Chiefs. 

Some of the key players for Ireland will be Stephen Keogh, Andrew McBride, as well as Brian Gillis, and Luke Coppinger who were both leading scorers in either 2015 WILC or 2017 EBLC. Having a few NLL guys like Keogh and McBride, and Canadians like Devlin Shanahan will really give Ireland an edge at the 2019 WILC. 


Sonny Campbell

Luke Coppinger

Arthur Cullinan

Conor Dockery

Gearoid Dunbar

Brendan Farrell

Sean Gibson

Brian Gillis

Conor Kelly

Stephen Keogh

Pat Leen

Andrew McBride

Jonathan McMillian

Andy Meyers

Sean Murphy

Conor O’Brein

Seamus Shanahan

Devlin Shanahan

Mike Shea

Daniel Smyth

Ben Snider

Patrick Szabo

Brendan Szabo





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