2020 Midfielder Frankel Commits to Hartford

Hartford Athletics                                                                                                                                                

Everest Academy (ON)/ Evolve Elite – 2020 midfielder Nicholas Frankel has committed to play lacrosse at Hartford. The Colorado Native has transferred to Everest (ON) after his sophomore season.

The 5’9 165LB midfielder is a good 1v1 dodger and is seemingly able to get his hands free and get a shot off. He is very good playing off ball as he is able to find space to be able to get a good look on cage.

Frankel has some crafty stick skills, crispy passes, and is a very crafty shooter. Frankel isn’t just an offensive midfielder as he can be a threat on defense in transition as well. The fact that Frankel can get things done in multiple facets of the game is surely a plus and will help him at the next level.  

Frankel is the first player to commit to Hartford in the 2020 class. Hartford does have 14 players in the class of 2019. How ever, Hartford does have 14 players currently committed in the 2020 class 



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