NLL Week Six Recap: New England is For Real?, San Diego is Not an Expansion Team

Photo Courtesy of New England Black Wolves

Week six was another amazing week across the NLL. With seven games stretched out over three days fans were treated to some great action all weekend long. Some of the biggest storylines coming out of this weekend included Georgia taking their first two losses of the season and the New England Black Wolves winning their third straight as they took down Georgia. The San Diego Seals got two wins this weekend to prove to people that they should not be labeled as an “expansion team” by any means. 

Toronto 14, Georgia 9

These two teams picked up right where they left off at the end of the first game they played just a few weeks ago. It was an offensive shootout as Toronto started hot and Georgia was able to pick it up in the second period Toronto was able to go on a a few big runs throughout the game that would ultimately help them secure the win. A three goal run to end the game is the one that did it for sure. Georgia just couldn’t get back into the game as Nick Rose and that Rock defense were stellar down the stretch. 

Game Stats

San Diego 15, Calgary 9

In just their second home game in franchise history the San Diego Seals were able to secure the win. This game as pretty tight in the first half as the goaltending was phenomenal on both sides with Scilgiano for San Diego and Del Bianco for Calgary. All the changed in the third when San Diego went on a sic goal run after Calgary scored the opening goal of the half. Calgary wpuld try to get back in it after a lot of panlties that made it 3 on 3 lacrosse, but they failed to put together a big enough comeback. San Diego was able to seasl the deal and get their second home win. 

Game Stats

New England 13, Georgia 12

New England came into this game wanting to prove everyone wrong and silence all the critics. They would do just that with a HUGE win over Georgia. This one was a shootout until the very end of the game as both sides went back and fourth the whole time. It was an offensive heavy and physical battle. New England would use a few runs to help them get ahead an Georgia just fell short as they couldn’t mount the comebackin the end to seal the deal. New England gives Georgia their second loss of the season with this win.

Game Stats

Buffalo 14, Philadelphia 10

Buffalo had a control of this game from the opening draw until the final horn it seemed like. The Bandits were clicking early on and that in return helped them secure the victory. Philadelphia would pick up the pace in the third quarter with a pretty big run to give them some momentum. The Wings just could not complete the comeback as Buffalo used a 4-goal run in the fourth to break the 10-10 tie and secure their second win over the Wings this season. Philadlephia looked better as they are improving each week, but they need to be able to finish on both sides of the floor if they want to finally get that first win. 

Game Stats

Saskctchewan 12, Rochester 7

The 2018 finals rematched proved to be pretty one sided as Saskatchewan seemed to be in control for the majority of the game. It was a pretty tight and aggressive first half but Saskatchewan would break away in the third quarter with a 5-0 run. Rochester was able to get some things going in the fourth to make the final a little closer, but Saskatchewan’s defense wouldn’t allow a total comeback. Saskatchewan was able to pull out the win in the only meeting of the season between these two teams. 

Game Stats

San Diego 11, Vancouver 10

It was a very physical and exciting game in Vancouver on Saturday night as the San Diego Seals were able to pull out the win. San Diego would pretty much own the first quarter, and half, as they went on a four goal run to start the game. Vancouver would be able to get something going in the third as they went on a five goal run and held San Diego to just one goal in the third quarter. San Diego was their usual selves in the fourth as they dominated down the stretch to seal the win and get their second straight win in a row. 

Game Stats

Colorado 12, Calgary 7

Colorado was able to get their first win of the season in a Sunday afternoon showdown against the Calgary Roughnecks. Colorado would be able to go on a few runs early on as well as late in the game to really give them energy on offense. Calgary was always right there hanging in the balance, but Colorado’s defense and goalie Dillon Ward would prevail as they played superb to help secure the win. 

Game Stats


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