NLL Trademark’s More Halifax Thunderbirds Logo’s and The Fleet?

The Rochester Knighthawks will be moving to Halifax after the 2018-19 season and Rochester will get a new expansion Knigthawks team. (Photo: Micheline Veluvolu)

A few weeks ago I wrote an article after diving into the US Trademark website. In that article I discussed how it appeared that New York could possibly be the New York Saints and that it appeared the Halifax expansion franchise would be called the Thunderbirds.

The New York franchise team name will be announced in February 17th and it looks like Halifax’s announcement could come very soon as they have more logo’s trademarked as of January 28th. 

Along with the original two logo’s that the NLL trademarked back in December the NLL has since trademarked five logo’s pertaining to the team name Halifax Thunderbirds. As previously mentioned these logo’s were trademarked on January 28th. 

In addition to the Thunderbirds logo’s there is a name and logo trademark for the Fleet. It looks like it’s pertaining to a fleet of ships and Halifax is a maritime province. However it doesn’t have a location name attached to it.  

As mentioned in the last article the NLL has trademark the these names as well for the Halifax expansion franchise: Halifax Highlanders and Atlantic Highlanders.

Here are the new Halifax Thunderbirds logo’s and the Fleet logo.

Halifax Thunderbirds:



The Fleet:





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