KY High School Rankings: Week 1

Photo Credit: Chad Waggoner/Trinity Athletic Photos 

We are one week into the season and a lot of teams have played, but some don’t start until this week. Even with just a handful of games played, my rankings have already been shaken up a tad bit from the preseason, primarily near the bottom half. 

1. St. Xavier (1-0)

2. Trinity (0-2)

3. Lexington Catholic (1-0)

4. South Oldham

5. Henry Clay (1-0)

6. Christian Academy Lou. (1-0)

7. North Oldham (1-0)

8. Eastern 

9. Collegiate

10. Male (0-1)

11. Fredrick Douglas (1-0)

12. Manual (1-0)

13. Ballard

14. Woodford County (1-0)

15. Sayre

Others Considered: Tates Creek, Elizabethtown, Northern KY LC, Madison County LC

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