Asbury Men’s Lacrosse Program Discontinued Mid-Season

Photo Courtesy of Asbury Athletics                                                                                                                  

The Asbury Eagles had a home game on Tuesday, March 12th against St. Ambrose in which they lost 22-6. On Wednesday, March 13th, the very next day, the university announced that the men’s lacrosse program had been discontinued. The women’s lacrosse program remains intact. 

Asbury plays in the NAIA and is an affiliate member of the Applacian Athletic Conference (AAC) for women’s lacrosse and formerly men’s lacrosse.

In a press release Asbury Vice President for Intercollegiate Athletic’s Mark Whitworth said, “Asbury is committed to honoring the scholarships of all current team members through their scheduled graduation, The Athletic Department and Student Development staff stand ready to assist our students through this transition.”

According to the press release put out by the university, a review and evaluation of the program was conducted by the administration before making the decision. Some of the things included in the review was the program’s ability to recruiting, scheduling, coaching, ability to field a competitive team, and of course the budget. 

Starting play in 2015, the Eagles were currently three games into their season. Through four full seasons and three games this year, Asbury’s overall program record is 15-33.

Current Henry Clay High School (Ky.) head coach Josh Stewart was the first head coach in Asbury history, serving in that position from July of 2013 through the 2017 season. Ben Murphy took over in the summer of 2017 and was currently in his second season as head coach of the Eagles. 

There is no indication at this time if the men’s lacrosse program will be ever ressurected.


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