KY High School: Who’s Impressed Through The First Half of The Season

Photo Credit: Chad Waggoner/Trinity Athletic Photos                                                                                 

*Editors Note: More players will be added to this list as I am able to see more games later on in the season.*

As we  get ready to head into week six of the high school lacrosse season in Kentucky, aka spring break week, we are pretty much at the halfway point of the season. I have personally attended nearly a dozen high school games around the Louisville area and have seen film of many teams from around the state as well. 

Here are some players that have stuck out the most when watching in person or on film through the first half of the season. 

Gavin Noland ’21, Attack, Trinity 

The sophomore has been outstanding through the first half of the season. Noland has been a catalyst on the offensive side of the ball for the Rock thus far. Noland can be a threat multiple spots on the field but he looks most natural when dodging from behind the cage at ‘X’ and looking to feed or score. He is an aggressive dodger at times, taking contact inside and still being able to make the play. Noland has been so impressive that it would not be crazy to say he is the best 2021 player in the state of Kentucky and could be fielding interest from college coaches come the fall. 

Ben Taylor ’19, Defense, Trinity 

While the Trinity defense has had their growing pains early on, Taylor has been one of the most consistent pieces of that unit. Taylor is a good on-ball defender, throwing hard checks and causing turnovers. The senior is able to use his body and size to enforce his will on his opponent as well. Taylor has the skills to also carry the ball down field in transition if needed. Being a leader on defense he has been one of the best performers for the Shamrocks thus far. 

Jack Giuffre ’19, Attack, Collegiate – Kenyon 

With the graduation of 2018 Mr. Lacrosse Henry Stites who is now playing at Dartmouth, the Titans needed a new leader on that offense and Giuffre has been that guy so far. Giuffre was amazing when I saw him play against a tough Christian Academy defense in mid-March. He has good vision and has the ability to make the right play from multiple spots on the field. Giuffre has a knack for finishing either out on the wing or turning the corner dodging from ‘X’. With his ability to both shoot and feed his services will be used well once he arrives at Kenyon in the fall. 

Zion Snardon ’19, Defense, Collegiate – Kenyon

Again with another Knyon commit from Collegiate. Snardon is a very aggressive defenseman that seems to be all over the field. His length and speed really gives him the ability to slid and get his stick on the ball carriers hands very effectively. Snardon is also a hustler and has a nose for scooping up those ground balls. He has seemed to get much tougher and more aggressive with his checks from last season. Snardon also has the stick skills in place as well. He is capable of carrying the ball down field, passing, and shooting. He has the skill set to play close defense and can run as a LSM if needed to do so. 

Seth Cianfoni ’20, Attack, Male 

The junior has been providing a spark for the Bulldogs offense this season, much like last year. Cianfoni is able to get it done from multiple spots on the field, but appears most comfortable on the wings. This season his dodging approach has evolved and helped him become more of a threat. Cianfoni’s shooting stroke is textbook and defenses for sure do not want to let him alone in space or allow him to get his hands free. Cianfoni will surely find himself on a college field in a few years, already gaining interest from multiple programs. 

Ben Hubbs ’21, Attack, St. Xavier

The sophomore has been one of the most impressive players on the Tigers offense through the firs half of the season. Hubbs may not be the biggest player on the field but that does not hinder his play, even when going up against a bigger defenseman. Hubbs can make things happen as a feeder and a shooter. He can rip it from the outside and make those textbook plays on the doorstep. He is able to take full advantage of what the defense gives him, using his IQ to make something happen. Hubbs is another player that could be fielding plenty of interest from colleges come fall. 

Hillis Burns ’21, Attack, St. Xavier

Burns has been the best player for St. Xavier so far this season. The way he plays is electric and the sophomore can really carry his team. Burns is able to get to the goal and score in multiple ways. He is good at dodging from behind the cage at ‘X’ and turning the corner to glory, beating his defender up top, or dodging from the wings. His passing also makes him a great players, using his vision to find open teammates and throw passes that are spot on. Burns has some wheels on him too which helps him tremendously on the field, giving him the ability to beat his defender with his feet. Again, Burns is another sophomore that has stood out and could generate college interest soon. 

Tristian Schaffer ’21, Attack/Midfield, Lexington Catholic

Having seen the Knights on film multiple time this season, Schaffer has been one of the standouts on the offensive side of the ball. Will the skill set to play both attack and midfielder Schaffer can get it done multiple places on the field. One of his best attributes his IQ and ability to move without the ball and be in the right place. He can finish on the doorstep and rip it from outside as well. Schaffer has a sharp stick which allows him to be able to become a feeder when needed as well. While his one on one dodging may not be the best, he can certainly be a threat as a dodger when he wants to. 

Clay Graves ’19, Defense, Henry Clay

The senior defensemen has been stellar for the Blue Devils thus far. Graves is a good defender on ball and can throw takeaway checks and cause turnovers. He is able to stay on his man and also slides well, being able to cover a big area of the field. After seeing Henry Clay on film multiple times, Graves has been one of their standouts thus far and looks to be a leader on the Blue Devils defense, replacing some good talent from last season. 

Gaige Powers ’19, Attack/Midfield, Central Hardin

A hidden gem of sorts, Powers may as well be the best player to ever come out of Hardin County. The senior has been a leader on the Bruins offense while making plays all over the field. Powers is able to dodge from ‘X’ with purpose, turning the corner and finishing top side almost every time. He loves shooting those fade away jump shots and doe so effectively. Powers isn’t just a shooter as he always has his head up and is a great feeder as well. 

Other Standouts

Colten Reynolds ’21, Midfield, Henry Clay

Jack McClellan ’20, Goalie, Trinity

Evan Elder ’21, D-Midfield, Trinity

Harrison Pate ’19, D-Midfield, St. Xavier

Joe Storner ’19, Goalie, St. Xavier 

Seth Quackenbush ’19, Attack/Midfield, Scott County

Nic Baker ’21, Midfield, Tates Creek



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