NLL Moving to Three Divisions in 2020

Photo Credit: Harry Schull Jr./Buffalo News                                                                                                   

In 2020 the Rochester Knighthawks are moving to Halifax to become the Thunderbirds, Rochester is getting a new Knighthawks franchise, and the New York Riptide join the league as well. Those moves make the balance between the east and the west even more eastern heavy than before. 

The NLL was going to have to change their division system sooner or later and there are many ways the league could have gone about it. The most obvious and that most suggested format was the three division league. It seems that the NLL has finally come to terms of what that would look like. 

According to a report from Austin Owens, Philadelphia Wings fans have received letters from the team that says the league will have three divisions next season. They will split the current East into two divisions and the West will stay the same. 

Here is how each division will look. 

East: Buffalo, Halifax, Toronto, Rochester 

West: Calgary, Colorado, San Diego, Saskatchewan, Vancouver

New Division: Georgia, New England, New York, Philadelphia

Many are saying that the playoff system as we know it will not work in a three-division league. Yes, there will be changes to the playoff system, but why do you think the league went ahead and changed the system this year. 

With the eight-team playoff system, the league currently has a three-division will work. It appears that the top two teams in each division will make the playoffs. Two other teams will then make it as “wild cards.” 

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