2019 PLL Mock Draft

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The inaugural Premier Lacrosse League (PLL) draft will take place on Monday, April 22nd. As the first-ever PLL draft, coaches from all six teams will be looking to add some of the top college players to their rosters. With the amount of talent in the PLL it will be interesting to see how these teams draft and which players will be able to make an impact as a rookie. There is also the prospect of which league these players will choose. Players drafted in the MLL and PLL have the choice of which league they want to play in this summer.

Each team has four picks as the PLL draft will feature four rounds with six picks per round. The league held a draft lottery on Monday to decide the order of the draft.

Round One

1. Archers LC

Pat Spencer, A, Loyola

Spencer is one of the most notable and talented players in the country and has cemented himself as the front-runner for the Tewaaraton Award. The attackman is an electrifying player who wow’s fans with his impressive display of dodging, shooting, passing, and insane playmaking ability. Spencer may just be the most pro-ready player we have ever seen in the sport. However, there are questions about if Spencer will take a fifth year and play college basketball. He has put his name in the transfer portal for basketball so that looks more likely than it did a year ago. No matter what, Spencer is one of those talents that you just can’t see not getting drafted

2. Atlas LC 

Isaac Paparo, LSM/D, UMass

Each team in the PLL has a specific motto that describes the team name and identity. The motto for Atlas LC is “A Force To Be Reckoned With.” That motto fits perfectly with Paparo’s style of play. As the reigning CAA Player of The Year, Paparo is a smaller guy for his position, but he is a grinder and his motor never seems to stop. Combine that with finesse and the stick skills he posses and he can be a serious threat at the LSM position in the pro game. Paparo could certainly make his mark on the PLL as a rookie and he would bring a lot to this Atlas LC club, adding another piece to that defense. 

3. Chrome LC 

Cade Van Raaphorst, D, Duke

The Chrome LC will likely be looking to add some defensive depth if they aren’t going to just go for the best player available. Van Raaphorst can provide that and more. As a great on-ball defender he is able to force his man where he wants him to go and is also able to recover very well. Although he might not throw the hardest checks, Van Raaphorst knows how to use his body and his feet to really put pressure on his man. Van Raaphorst should be able to contribute and can be a threat for Chrome as a rookie in this league. 

4. Whipsnakes LC 

Zach Goodrich, M, Towson

As the best two-way midfielder in the country, Goodrich has the ability to contribute on really any team on this league. With the midfielders that Chrome LC has on their roster, Goodrich will be able to fit right in. He has been a star throughout his college career at Towson and can get it done at both ends of the field. However, he does the majority of his work on the defensive end and he makes his opponents pay. The mix of gritty defense and skill on both ends the Goodrich possesses will be very well-respected in this league for years to come.

5. Redwoods LC

Ryan Conrad, M, Virginia

This was maybe the hardest pick because the Redwoods LC really have a great mix of guys that can really contribute in multiple ways. Conrad just adds to that list of guys as he can get it done in multiple ways. The midfielder is one of the better overall athletes in college lacrosse and he uses that to his advantage. After missing the majority of his junior year, Conrad has come back with the same drive and has seemed to not miss a beat. The midfielder is a great transition guy and can shoot the lights out as well. With his skill-set, Conrad will be able to contribute in a multitude of ways. 

6. Chaos LC 

Alex Woodall, FO, Towson

Woodall is one of those guys that many expect to have an impact almost immediately as he jumps from college to pro. Woodall has been absolutely stellar for Towson, dominating the faceoff dot every season. Woodall is a guy that can jump-start the offense by winning draws and can be let loose a little on the offensive end as well. Woodall would bring a lot of depth to Chaos LC considering that they only have one true faceoff man on their roster. Considering that Woodall can certainly do more than just take faceoffs he can bring a lot to this team and could make an impact early on.

Round 2

7. Chaos LC

Craig Chick, D/LSM, Lehigh

After taking a faceoff man in the first round, I can see the Chaos LC looking to add more depth on defense and bring in a guy like Chick. He has an impressive skill-set and can play defense and run as an LSM. Chick is the kind of player that can bring a whole lot to any team he’s on. 

8. Redwoods LC

Austin French, A, Denver

French is a pure shooter and goal scorer. He can get breakdown a defense when dodging from X, and when he turns that corner the ball just disappears into the back of the cage. Adding another shooting attackman to the Redwoods LC roster could be lethal. 

9. Whipsnakes LC

Teddy Hatfield, A, Richmond 

Playing in the SoCon Hatfield is a little more underrated, but those who have seen him know he is a gamer. Hatfield is a threat in a multitude of ways but it’s his passing that makes him elite. He has eyes in the back of his head and uses that to his advantage as both a passer and when moving off-ball. 

10. Chrome LC

Max Tuttle, M, Sacred Heart

Tuttle is another player that has been underrated throughout his college career due to the conference he plays in. Tuttle can help any tea out with his array of passing as well as his shooting. He can make things happen in various different ways on the field. 

11. Atlas LC

Drew Schantz, DM, Notre Dame

As a defensive midfielder, Schantz can be an impact player on both ends of the field. Schantz has the ability to have great defensive performances, but can also get things done in transition as well. Atlas LC can certainly use an SSDM to add to the depth they already have at the midfield spot. 

12. Archers LC

Daniel Bucaro, A, Georgetown

If Archers LC does take a shot at Spencer in round one even with the questions marks, getting a player like Bucaro can never hurt. Bucaro has continued to prove himself each year and he has the skill set to make an impact at the next level. 

Round 3

13. Archers LC

Tyson Bomberry, D, Syracuse

Getting Bomberry would add another good piece to that Archers LC defense. Bomberry has the size, footwork, and technical skills to be successful at the next level. He may not be the most talked about defensemen in college lacrosse, but he can certainly be a force on any defense. 

14. Atlas LC

Brent Noseworthy, M, Michigan

Atlas LC head coach John Paul certainly know how good Noseworthy can be after coaching him for two years in college. Noseworthy is a grinder who can make plays all over the field. He works hard off-ball and has the ability to score at will. Combine that with his work ethic and Noseworthy is you prototype pro lacrosse player. 

15. Chrome LC

Clarke Petterson, A, Cornell

Renown for being the most slept on player in college lacrosse, Petterson is a gamer and he proves it every time out. Adding Petterson to any pro roster instantly helps out that attack unit as he can make plays all over with his skill-set. 

16. Whipsnakes LC

Jack Rowlett, D, North Carolina

Adding a player like Rowlett to an already scary defensive unit is pretty scary. Rowlett is all over the field and causes problems for many offensive’s. He also knows how to use his body and can deliver some pretty big hits from time to time. 

17. Redwoods LC

Chris Sabia, D, Penn State

Sabia is another great on-ball defender that can make a big impact at the next level. With his skill-set and aggressive style of play, he will be able to bring a lot to the table at the next level. 

18. Chaos LC

Brad Smith, M, Duke

While he did have to battle an injury early in the season, Smith is a player that I could see have longevity in the pro ranks. Smith is able to be a threat as a shooter or a passer. He seems to always be in the right place to make the right play. 

Round 4

19. Chaos LC

Chris Young, A, High Point

With the amount of box talent Chaos LC already has, Chris Young would fit perfectly into that mold. The attackman has burst onto the scene and plays an electrifying style of lacrosse with his passing and finishing ability. 

20. Redwoods LC

Jack Tigh, M, Yale

The Yale midfielder has been a leader on offense for the Bulldogs and plays with a lot of toughness. He is able to run the transition game and make things happen with his ability to score in various different ways. 

21. Whipsnakes LC

Bradley Voigt, A, Syracuse

The Syracuse attackman has shown the lacrosse world that he can compete on a higher level. As a shooter Voigt is like a sniper and he is able to find the back of the net from multiple spots on the field. 

22. Chrome LC

Brendan Sunday, A, Towson

Sunday has been very impressive as he has helped lead that Towson offense. Sunday is a shooter who can get it done from all over, but he can also make plays with his passing as well. 

23. Atlas LC

James Burr, A, Boston U. 

Burr is another do it all attackman who can make plays from all over the field. With his skill-set, he should be able to make an impact at the next level in multiple ways. 

24. Archers LC

Johnny Surdick, D, Army

As the leader of the Black Knights defense, Surdick poses a threat to any opposing player that faces him. He is able to disrupt an offense in many ways as he can slide well and on time, while also being a great cover guy. 


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