Senior C Lacrosse League Opening New Opportunities For Players in Ontario

Photo Courtesy of Jeremey Hill/Toronto Tigers LC                                                                                        

Summer box lacrosse is big across Canada, especially in Ontario and British Columbia and is growing elsewhere. League’s like the WLA and MSL get all the hype and praise, and rightfully so with the best teams and players. The Mann Cup and Minto Cup are huge events for lacrosse fans in Canada and some in the United States as well. 

In Ontario the MSL reigns supreme with teams like the Peterborough Lakers, Six Nations Chiefs, and others. In Senior B you have some good teams as well with the Oakville Titans, Six Nations Redmen, and others. You then have teams from Ontario that play in the Can-Am Lacrosse League as well. Those used to be the only two options for playing senior level lacrosse in the province, until now. 

This summer there is a new league with a different format that will give players another opportunity to play, and it also helps solve some problems that many clubs seem to have these days – travel and money. 

The Senior C Lacrosse League is providing that opportunity. Shelly Nobile came up with the idea for the Senior C Lacrosse League and will be the league’s first commissioner. Nobile came up with the idea as a way to cut down on travel time for clubs when they just have one game in a single day. This league also helps cut down on coast of travel because teams won’t have to travel as often.

When people think of any league they think of teams, venues, games, a schedule, etc. The Senior C Lacrosse League will have all that for sure, but there is a twist to it that you don’t usually see outside of club lacrosse, AAU basketball, and other systems like that in high school sports. 

This league will feature seven teams and they will play from May through August. Instead of having a normal regular there will be one tournament per month where all seven teams compete. Each team will play a minimum of 3 games at each tournament, and each game will consist of two twenty minute halves with a three-minute intermission. Teams don’t have to play in every tournament, but have to play in a minimum of three to be in consideration for the championship.

Toronto Tigers LC owner Jeremey Hill said “I feel it is a terrific idea and helps team owners with expensive arena and referee cost.” Hill also stated that the club is still looking for players and has three tryout dates left. For more info contact the club via email or on their Facebook page

If you are looking to play in this league there are still teams looking for players. You can find more info on the Senior C Lacrosse League Facebook page or through the Ontario Lacrosse Associations release

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