KY High School Rankings: Week 8

Photo Credit Chad Waggoner/Trinity Athletic Photos                                                                                   

Yes, we are eight weeks into the high school season here in Kentucky. After last week there are a few shake ups in the rankings, but not too much. The most notable move is Henry Clay moving up to number three and Collegiate dropping down to number four. Lexington Catholic drops out of the top five and Fredrick Douglas enters the top five. 

Outside of the top five, Christian Academy moves to seventh and South Oldham drops to eight. We also see Male drop to fifteen while South Warren and North Oldham each move up one spot from fifteenth and fourteenth. 

1. St. Xavier

2. Trinity

3. Henry Clay

4. Collegiate

5. Fredrick Douglass

6. Lexington Catholic

7. Christian Academy Lou.

8. South Oldham

9. Manual

10. Scott County

11. Tates Creek

12. Ballard

13. North Oldham

14. South Warren

15. Male


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