PLL Draft Recap: Pat Spencer Taken First Overall by Archers

Photo Credit: John Strohsacker                                                                                                                          

The 2019 PLL draft is officially in the books after it was played on tape-delay Wednesday morning at 2am ET due to the NHL playoffs going into overtime. In the PLL draft we saw some surprises and chalky picks alike. 

In the PLL draft each team got four picks in a four-round snake-style draft. We saw each team add talent, and depth to already stacked rosters. Here is a complete recap of the PLL draft: 

Round One

1. Archers LC: Pat Spencer, A, Loyola

You didn’t have to have a crystal ball to predict this one. Coach Chris Bates simply went with the best player available, and Spencer is clearly that guy. The attackman out of Loyola has been one of the best players in college lacrosse over the past few seasons and it will be great to watch him play at the next level whenever that will be as he may take a fifth year to play basketball. Even with that fact, you just can’t pass on a player as talented as Spencer.

2. Atlas LC: Ryan Conrad, M, Virginia

While he had battled injuries in college the midfielder out of Virginia brings a lot to the table. Conrad is another player that you want on your team as he can do various different things with his skill-set. He’s scrappy, can get it done in transition, and brings an array of offensive talent into any locker room. 

3. Chrome LC: Zach Goodrich, DM, Towson

Versatile midfielders are crucial in this league and Coach Starsia may have picked up the best one with Goodrich. The SSDM is a tough gritty player that can certainly get it done at both ends of the field. While he is known more as a defensive player, Goodrich can be just as dangerous on the offensive end of the field, especially in transition. 

4. Whipsnakes LC: Alex Woodall, FO, Towson

A faceoff man in the first round? Yes. While it is rare to see a faceoff man go this high, the Whipsnakes got themselves a good one here. Woodall has been stellar at Towson and adds depth to the faceoff position, a spot where they just had Joe Nardella prior to the draft. The Whipsnakes needed to grab another faceoff man and they got themselves a good one here. 

5. Redwoods LC: Clarke Petterson, A, Cornell

I really didn’t see Petterson going this high at all, but Nat St. Laurent must know how he wants to use Petterson in an offense with a lot of players with a similar skill-set to Petterson. While going this high is head-scratching, Petterson can certainly ball and is a great off-ball finisher who can bring a lot to any team. 

6. Chaos LC: Johnny Sudick, D, Army

Andy Towers goes with the Army defenseman to wrap up the first round. This is a great pickup as Surdick may just be the best defenseman in college lacrosse with his skill set. Surdick uses his body just as well as he throws checks. Surdick is like a pest that won’t go away and that is what makes his one of the best. Now his availability may be a question mark with his military service but he is too good to pass up.

Round Two

7. Chaos LC: Jack Rowlett, D, North Carolina. 

Defense and versatile players seemed to be the theme of this draft. Chaos got just that with Rowlett. The North Carolina product is a big tough defenseman that makes life miserable to his opponents. Rowlett just adds another layer of depth on this Chaos defense.

8. Redwoods LC: Tyler Dunn, M, Penn

Again, midfielders are a premium in this league. While I didn’t think Dunn would even go this high the Redwoods are getting a great offensive player that adds another piece to the puzzle. With Dunn’s scoring ability and the aggressiveness he plays with, he brings a lot to the pro game.

9. Whipsnakes LC: Brad Smith, M, Duke

It’s a surprise that Smith dropped to the second round, but the Whipsnakes grabbed a steal here. With Smith’s array of skills on the offensive end, he brings a lot to the table. Even after being a little banged up this season, Smith is one of the most versatile players on the offensive end that you will find in college lacrosse to date.

10. Chrome LC: Chris Sabia, D, Penn State

Now, this is where defensive fever starts to settle in. With the Penn State offense making headlines this season the defense has been lost in the noise a bit. Sabia is a big aggressive defender and leads that Nittany Lions defense well. Adding Sabia to the mix on defense for the Chrome is deadly.

11. Atlas LC: Cade Van Raaphorst, D, Duke

Defense fever strikes again as it is a prime need in this league. Van Raaphorst is a guy that can get it done all over. While he may seem quite on the field at times, just watch the little gritty things he does. The guy is all over the place and is a threat in more ways than just being a cover guy.

12. Archers LC: Curtis Corley, D, Maryland

Ah ha, another defenseman to wrap up the second round. Corley is a good defender but it’s still a bit of a questionable pick. With the defense they already have it’s hard to see Corley fitting in, but who knows as the kid can ball and certainly has the skill-set as an elite cover man. 

Round Three

13. Archers LC: Colton Jackson, M, Denver

This may be the biggest head-scratcher of them all. While Jackson is a raw athletic midfielder with a big shot, he hasn’t had the best season. Adding him to an already deep midfield lineup is great but it will be interesting to see what he can actually do, especially as a rookie. 

14. Atlas LC: Noah Richard, LSM, Marquette

The LSM out of Marquette may not be the most well-known name, but he certainly does his job well. Richard adds another very talented option at the LSM spot for Atlas. His brother Jake Richard is an SSDM for Atlas already so there was a chemistry component to this pick as well.

15. Chrome LC: Max Tuttle, M, Sacred Heart

It was just a matter of time before Tuttle came off the board. Coach Starsia and Chrome certainly grabbed a good one here. Tuttle is a versatile player that could really be listed as midfield or attack. With his shooting and crisp feeding ability, he brings a well-rounded skill set to the table that can be used in various ways.

16. Whipsnakes LC: Isaac Paparo, LSM, UMass

Finally! Paparo gets off the board and the Whipsnakes get one of the toughest LSM’s in the country. Paparo gets it done and his motor seems to never stop. With the skill set and finesse that he possesses along with the toughness and grit, Paparo is one dangerous man.

17. Redwoods LC: Brendan Gleason, A/M, Notre Dame

With Notre Dame’s struggles this year, Gleason has been that shining bright spot that always seems to be on point. A pure goal scorer, Gleason has an offensive skill set that is very useful at the pro level. With the fire he can create almost instantly, Gleason can very much fit into this roster. 

18. Chaos LC: Greyson Torain, M, Navy

A second service academy guy for Chaos? While Torain is a great midfielder who can certainly spark a fire on any offense there are questions of how he fits and his availability. His skill set can translate but with a team that has a lot of box flare, it’s hard to see how Torain fits quite yet.

Round Four

19. Chaos LC: Austin Henningsen, FO, Maryland

In drafts,  you pick to your needs and Chaos did just that with their last pick. Henningsen adds depth to a position where Chaos needed it most and they got a good one. He should be able to make an impact and will certainly give Chaos a solid backup option. 

20. Redwoods LC: Tim Troutner Jr., G, High Point

Troutner was the only goalie selected as Redwoods were the only team to address the position. Troutner has been stellar for High Point this season and can certainly bring a lot to the pro game with his size and skill.

21. Whipsnakes LC: John Dannigellis, M, Yale

This is an interesting pick from Whipsnakes as it’s hard to see Dannigellis have a real role on the offense. While he has a skill set that can translate to the pro game, Whipsnakes may be using Dannigellis as more of an SSDM or transition player early on in his career. 

22. Chrome LC: Connor Farrell, FO, LIU Post

Chrome head coach Dom Starisa adds another piece to an already impressive faceoff room. Having a third option with Farrell isn’t a bad idea and he can provide some good play for Chrome at the dot. 

23. Atlas LC: Brent Noseworthy, M, Michigan

It’s no surprise that Atlas coach John Paul picks up one of his former players at Michigan with Noseworthy. While he has been playing through injury this season, Noseworthy is a do it all guy. He can get it done all over the place on the offensive end and can bring a lot of that to the Atlas. 

24. Archers LC: John Prendergast, DM, Duke 

That defensive midfield unit for Archers looks even scarier now. While it’s hard to see Prendergast fit into this roster, he can certainly bring a lot with his play in between the lines and as part of a defensive unit altogether. 

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