2019 KY High School Playoff Preview

Photo Courtesy of Oldham Era Sports   

It’s tournament time as the brackets have been set and released for the both the Commonwealth League (KLA) and the KSLL. In the KSLL the district tournaments start this week and the state draw will be on Friday morning while the KLA state tournament will start this week as well. 

In both tournaments the top seeded team get a bye in the first round. In the KSLL St. Xavier, Trinity, Christian Academy, and South Oldham all get a bye as the top seed in their respective district tournament. Henry Clay, Covington Catholic, Fredrick Douglass, South Warren, and Lexington Catholic each get a bye in the KLA state tournament as the top seed coming out of each district.  


The way that the KSLL works is that the top two teams in each district move on to the state tournament. The draw for the KSLL state tournament will be on Friday morning. 

Looking at some intriguing matchups, the district two semifinal game between Manual and Ballard may just the be the best game of the week. Manual won 16-9 in the regular season meeting, but with the adrenalin of the playoffs kicking in this could be a very good matchup.

Also, the whole district three tournament should be exciting as Eastern and KCD play in the first round and Christian Academy awaits the winner in the championship. These teams all beat up on each other in the regular season so who know’s what will happen in the playoffs. 


In the Commonwealth League the bracket is broken up into North and South with the top teams in each district receiving a top one or two seed. There are also five play-in games and the winner will play one of those tops seeds in each district. 

Looking at the play-in games, Bryan Station vs Sayre might just be the most interesting matchup there as Bryan Station took the regular season meeting in overtime. The most interesting game of the first round looks to be Scott County vs Madison County LC as the Cardinals took the regular season matchup in a very close 13-10 win. 

Some of the teams to keep an eye on in this tournament are obviously Henry Clay and Lexington Catholic. but outside of the perennial top two Fredrick Douglass looks stronger in just their second year as does South Warren. The field seems more wide open this year than it ever has, so things could get real interesting real quick. 


KSLL District Bracket

Semifinals on Tuesday and finals on Thursday

Screen Shot 2019-05-06 at 1.22.35 PM


KLA Bracket

Play-in games on Wednesday and first round on Friday

Screen Shot 2019-05-06 at 2.02.41 AM


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