Expansion Rochester Knighthawks Getting a New Look for 2020

 Photo Credit: Veronica Volk / WXXI News                                                                                                      

In the past many NLL fans have had fun searching the US Trademark website and finding out what logo’s the league has trademarked for potential expansion teams. Fans saw this with Halifax and New York as the league trademarked various logos and names before an official name and logo were announced for either market. 

With the 2019 season winding down and another expansion draft taking place this summer the talk of expansion has seemed to ramp up over the past few weeks, especially with reports that MGM has submitted an expansion application. 

On May 1st, 2019 the NLL filed two more trademarks of logo’s. The one says it’s a hawk design and the other is a stylized R but doesn’t appear to be an alternate logo for the Roughnecks at all. In fact, the only location that any of these logos hits at is Rochester. 

With Rochester receiving a new Rochester Knighthawks expansion franchise these logo’s are most likely the new ones for the Knighthawks. The R looks like it has a bird wing design and the other is a hawk, and they are the Rochester Knighthawks. 

Many may have thought that Pegula Sports had purchased all the rights and would keep everything the same except the current team. Apparently, those who thought that aren’t going to get their wish. The one thing we don’t know is if the color scheme will stay the same with this new logo. 

Trademarked Logos



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