KSLL District Tournaments “Almost” Complete

Photo Credit: Sam Draut/ Oldham Era Sports                                                                                                 

The district tournaments for the Kentucky Scholastic Lacrosse League (KSLL) have almost completely wrapped up with the second district title still left to be played as it was moved to Friday due to weather forecast. 

A draw will be conducted on Saturday morning to determine the KSLL state tournament. The way the draw works is that the four district winners and are drawn out of a hat for number 1, 2, 3, and 4 spots. Each district runner-up will be placed on the opposite side of the bracket as the winner from their respective district. The 1 and 2 or 3 and 4 teams could possibly meet in the semifinals. 

Just like usual, the KSLL district semifinals were very chalky with some blowouts as well as a few close games that took place also. Overall, there were simply no surprises. 

In district one Collegiate defeated Male 15-6 after leading 5-4 at the half. The Titans went on a rampage in the second half, taking down the Bulldogs and setting up a meeting with powerhouse St. Xavier who defeated Atherton 28-1 in their semifinal game. 

The second district saw Manual defeated Ballard 16-6 to move the Crimson into the district title and set up a matchup against powerhouse Trinity. 

In the third district Eastern defeated KCD by a score of 14-3 to set up a championship game matchup with Christian Academy, a team they lost to by six in the regular season. 

North Oldham defeated Oldham County 9-4 in the district four semifinals on Tuesday. The Mustangs winning set up a matchup against rival North Oldham in the district championship game. 

While the district semifinals were pretty chalky and the “favorites” pretty much dominated, it wasn’t like that so much in all of the district finals as we did see a pretty significant upset. 

As expected St. Xavier put a beating on Collegiate in the district one championship game, winning by a score of 13-4. The win give St. Xavier their sixth straight district title as they haven’t lost a single one since the KSLL was formed. 

The second district championship game between Trinity and Manual will be played on Friday night at 6pm at Ballard

In an upset victory Eastern defeated Christian Academy 14-9 to capture the district three championship and avenge their 12-6 loss against the Centurions in the regular season. 

The fourth district championship game saw South Oldham take down rival North Oldham 16-4 in a blowout win. The Dragons have now won six straight district titles, every single one since the KSLL was started. 


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