KSLL State Tournament Preview

Photo Credit Chad Waggoner/Trinity Athletic Photos                                                                                   

Districts tournaments have been played and the draw has been had. That means it’s time for the state tournament in the Kentucky Scholastic Lacrosse League (KSLL). This year the  semifinals and championship will all be held at Trinity while the quarterfinals will be hosted by the higher seeded team. 

This first round is going to be very chalky in the games that feature the top two teams in the state, obviously. Outside of those two games there are a two matchups that are very intriguing and should make for very good games. 

South Oldham vs Manual is one of the best matchups of this tournament. In the regular season South Oldham won a tight battle 9-6. Both of these teams are pretty evenly matched on both sides of the ball, but South Oldham is a little more deeper.

Eastern vs North Oldham is another game that should be very good. North Oldham beat Eastern 7-5 in the regular season, but with Eastern coming off an upset win over Christian Academy in their district championship and North Oldham trying to rebound from a beating against South Oldham the mindset in this game is shifted a bit. Neither team has been very consistent this year and are very evenly matched because of that. 

The other two quarterfinal games include Trinity vs Collegiate and St. Xavier vs Christian Academy. While Collegiate’s offense could give Trinity a run for their money early on the Rocks should be able to beat them just due to sheer talent and depth of talent at every position. The same could be said for Christian Academy against St. Xavier.


Screen Shot 2019-05-13 at 2.31.47 AM

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