2019 PLL Positional Unit Rankings: Attack

Photo Courtesy of Premier Lacrosse League                                                                                                  

Training camp has finished and the inaugural PLL season is just eight days away. The inaugural 2019 season will begin in Boston on June 1st at Gillette Stadium. Boston is just stop one of fourteen during the league’s inaugural season. It should be an exciting first year of the PLL with the amount of talent that will be on display from each team and player. 

The PLL has some of the best attackmen in the world up and down every roster, and these rankings are in no way perfect. Who do you think has the best attack unit in the league?

1. Whipsnakes LC

The Whipsnakes LC may have the best attack unit in the PLL this season. This club has a lot of former Maryland guys on the roster and it starts at the attack position with the batman-robin duo of Matt Rambo and Dylan Maltz being reunited. In addition to those two, the Whipsnakes have one of the best dodgers in the game with Jules Henningberg. The Whipsnakes also have Ben Reeves who can bring a next level type of shooting ability to this club. 

Full Attack Unit: Matt Rambo, Dylan Maltz, Jules Henningberg, Ben Reeves, Ryan Drenner, Jay Carlson

2. Chrome LC

Quickness and creativity is embedded in every player on this Chrome LC attack unit. This unit is built outward from two former Duke stars in Jordan Wolf and Justin Guterding. Both have an unbelievable ability to finish and initiate. The sharp shooting ability of Connor Cannizzaro is just the icing on the cake. Chrome also touts two great inside finishers with Ty Thompson and Callum Crawford. This could be a unit that puts up a ton of points and give opposing defenses a ton of trouble all season long. 

Full Attack Unit: Jordan Wolf, Justin Guterding, Ty Thompson, Connor Cannizzaro, Callum Crawford, Chris Bocklet

3. Chaos LC

The box flare that this team brings makes them very dangerous at every position, especially at attack. Chaos LC has some of the most creative players in the game on their roster and that includes every guy in this unit. Josh Byrne and Miles Thompson might be two of the best stick wizards the game has ever seen, and then add that with the shooting ability of Connor Fields and Joe Resitarits. That’s not an attack line any defense would have fun going up against. In addition, Curtis Dickson can do a lot of everything which makes him one of the most dangerous players in the game. This attack line is just downright scary. 

Full Attack Unit: Josh Byrne, Curtis Dickson, Austin Staats, Connor Fields, Miles Thompson, Joe Resitarits, Jake Froccaro

4. Atlas LC

Some of the purest shooters in the game grace the Atlas LC attack line. This attack unit can shoot the lights out and we will see a lot of that from this club over the course of the season. With Ryan Brown being known as one of the best shooters in the game he brings a lot of heat to this club. Connor Buczek and Kieran McArdle bring a similar style of play while Eric Law brings his own flare as well. Atlas LC also has a guy in Chris Cloutier that can seemingly get it done from almost anywhere and can use his big body to do so. 

Full Attack Unit: Eric Law, Kieran McArdle, Ryan Brown, Chris Cloutier, James Pannell, Shack Stanwick

5. Archers LC

Archers LC might have one of the most interesting attack lines with plenty of guys that can get the job done in multiple ways. The dodging and feeding ability of Kevin Rice works nicely with the scoring ability that Will Manny brings to the table. Marcus Holman and Davey Emala bring a lot of shooting power to this club. It really is an interesting unit and we should see a lot of points coming from these guys. This is a unit that maybe has the most array in terms of style of play and that can benefit this club very well throughout the season. 

Full Attack Unit: Kevin Rice, Marcus Holman, Christian Cuccinello, Davey Emala, Ryan Ambler

6. Redwoods LC

It was actually very difficult to put this unit at the bottom, because their are no slouchers anywhere on this club. They do have a mix of guys who should be able to gel very nicely with their respective styles of play. The veteran of the group is Chazz Woodson and the flare he brings to the lacrosse field is second to none. Joey Sankey, Matt Kavanagh, and Kylor Bellistri all bring an array of shooting and dodging that is hard to stop while rookie Clarke Petterson is a great off-ball finisher, and could be the final puzzle piece to the Redwoods offense all together. 

Full Attack Unit: Matt Kavanagh, Kylor Bellistri, Joey Sankey, Mike Bocklet, Chazz Woodson, Clarke Petterson


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