Kentucky Could Be Gaining Two More High School Programs In 2020


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Photo Courtesy of DeSales High School                                                                                              

While there have been rumblings that Louisville Collegiate (Ky.) and Bryan Station (Ky.) in Lexington may not have teams next season due to numbers or being too young, there has also been positive news around the state as well. Just over the past two weeks news broke that St. Henry (Ky.) and DeSales (Ky.) were both looking to add lacrosse programs at their respective schools. 

St. Henry, a co-ed catholic school in northern Kentucky, formally announced the formation of a boy’s and girl’s lacrosse program via social media last week, and is currently looking for players to join both teams for next season. St. Henry would be only the third high school that offers lacrosse in the northern part of the state. 

Currently Covington Catholic and Dixie Heights are the only two schools that have lacrosse programs in northern Kentucky. The Northern KY Warriors and the Bluegrass Bulldogs are both club programs that have players from multiple schools in the region. St. Henry adding, or looking to add, lacrosse is a huge step forward in the northern part of the state where lacrosse seems to have started to boom. 

Northern Kentucky even has two local products that will be competing for an NCAA DII championship with Limestone on Sunday in Noah Reed and Jeremy Burns.

DeSales, an all boy’s catholic school in Louisville, is looking to add lacrosse and will announce the new next week, per their social media. DeSales would add more fuel to the fire in the bustling Louisville lacrosse scene, being the second school to add a boy’s program in the past two seasons. 

While there have been rumors for the better part of the past three years, it looks like lacrosse at DeSales has finally come to fruition. Lacrosse at a school like DeSales could really help boost the sport in the south end of Louisville where lacrosse hasn’t gotten too much exposure yet. DeSales would also be able to better compete with Trinity and St. Xavier for kids to come to their school. 

Trinity and St. Xavier have been the most dominate programs in the state since the sport’s inception in Kentucky. Even though they are a smaller school, DeSales might eventually be able to contend for another slice of the pie.

If both programs do work out and they start next season, Kentucky will have 39 boy’s programs and 34 girl’s programs in 2020.



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