2019 WILC Schedule, Seedings, and Pools Announced

Photo Courtesy of Iroquois Nationals Lacrosse                                                                                             

The schedule, seedings, and pools for the 2019 World Indoor Lacrosse Championships (WILC) have been announced. The 20-team tournament is set to take place in Langley, BC from September 19th-28th.

It will be the largest WILC tournament on record with 20 teams participating. Teams are broken up into four pools of five teams and are seeded 1-20 as well. Seedings are based on performance at the 2015 WILC which only had 13 teams participate. 


1. Canada

2. Iroquois

3. USA

4. Israel

5. England

6. Ireland

7. Czech Republic

8. Australia

9. Finland

10. Germany

11. Serbia

12. Switzerland

13. Slovakia

14. Sweden


16. Scotland

17. Netherlands

18. Hong Kong

19. Mexico

20. Costa Rica


Blue: Canada, Iroquois, USA, Israel, England

Yellow: Ireland, Serbia, Switzerland, Netherlands, Hong Kong

Green: Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia, Scotland, Mexico

Orange: Australia, Finland, Sweden, Austria, Costa Rica

The Blue pool is the top pool and teams are based on their performance at the 2015 WILC. Past the Blue pool, teams were circle-seeded based on teams eligible for championship and geographic diversity. 

During pool play each team will play every other team in their pool. The five teams in the Blue pool and the top teams in the Yellow, Green, and Orange pool will be placed in the championship bracket. 

Outside of those top eight teams, the rest of the teams will be seeded 9-20 and compete in the placement bracket. You can find the official brackets here. Pool play will last for five days with Costa Rica and Australia kicking things off on Thursday, September 19th at 10:30am PT. You can find the official schedule here




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