How Big Of An Impact Transfer Is Chris Gray?

Photo Courtesy of Boston U. Athletics                                                                                                              

Last year we saw one of the biggest transfers in college lacrosse history with TD Ierlan transferring from Albany to Yale, the 2018 national champions. Ierlan was such an impact transfer because of how dominate he is at the faceoff dot, changing the outcome of a game just with his sheer presence. Let’s face it, Yale probably would not have made it back to the national championship game or even the final four without Ierlan on their roster this past season. 

With the new NCAA transfer rules and the implantation of the NCAA Transfer Portal this summer was poised to see a big number of transfers, and possibly impact transfers. Like it or not, this is now the new normal in college lacrosse with these new rules and the portal.

The two biggest transfer this summer are former Boston U. attackman Chris Gray and former Virginia goalie Patrick Burkinshaw. While Burkinshaw has already decided to take his talents to Penn and join the Quakers, Chris Gray is still weighing his options. While there have been rumors and rumblings about him looking at Duke, Yale, Virginia, Notre Dame, and others, nothing is set in stone and not much has been let out about it either. 

At this point, no one outside of the situation knows where Gray is leaning towards or really what the entire situation is. There are reports that he is transferring because of academics, and that could mean various different things. 

No matter where Gray lands he will up the level of play across the board in that programs. Gray led the nation last year in points during the regular season with 111 (49G,62A). 

The 5-foot-7, 170 pound attackman is a game changer. He has knack for scoring, and can do so in many ways. Gray is the kind of player that you could honestly play at midfield for attack because of how versatile he is. In addition to his scoring ability he can be a teams primary feeder, quarterbacking the offense. 

Another big piece of Gray’s game that gets lost in his scoring ability is his off ball play. There have been so many times during his two years a Boston U. where he was able to create space for himself and others by the way in which he moves without the ball in his stick. 

Having Chris Gray on your roster is like having a player with the playmaking ability of James Harden and the pass first mentality of Lebron James. That’s how high level of a player he is, and depending on where he lands he could surpass TD Ierlan in the argument for biggest transfer of all-time. 

Where ever Gray lands will be at least two spots higher in the preseason rankings than where they would be. He could even move the needle so much that a team jumps five places in the preseason rankings then where they would have been without him. 

He also gives a team the ability to do so much more on offense, and could be the key to taking a team to championship weekend as soon as next season. That kind of move, much like Ierlan’s, can change the landscape of college lacrosse and teeter the power balance for multiple years. 


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