Looking At Coaching Candidates At Stony Brook

Photo Courtesy of Duke Athletics                                                                                                                      

Stony Brook is one of six current programs that are, or have, had coaching searches this offseason. The Seawolves have had success but that has seemed to diminish over the last few years under Jim Nagle, who parted ways with Stony Brook last month. 

This is a job where success can be, and has been attained. Restoring that glory won’t be easy but being in the lacrosse hotbed of Long Island certainly helps a lot. The Seawolves have also always had a good British Columbia pipeline going, especially back when they were at the the top of the America East.

Stony Brook is a place that can be rebuilt somewhat quickly, and success can be attained. In addition, they already have some good talent on that roster that certainly helps jumpstart this rebuild. 

One name that has been thrown around, and Stony Brook has reportedly had interest in is Duke assistant Matt Danowski. The son of Duke head coach John Danowski, he is very well known on Long Island and has many ties to the area, playing in high school at Farmingdale. Danowski’s dad also coached at Hofstra for 18 seasons before coming to Duke. 

Danowski has spent seven seasons as an assistant at Duke, working primarily with the offense. He has helped lead his alma mater to back-to-back national championships in 2013 and 2014. While Danowski is a name that many would love to see at Stony Brook it is uncertain if he would actually consider leaving his alma mater and a very good thing at Duke where he also gets to coach with his dad. 

Ohio State assistant Brad Ross is another name that has been mentioned with this Stony Brook job. He has been named in multiple other coaching searchers over the past few years, and has really helped develop Ohio State into a power. 

Ross has been able to build successful Ohio State offenses with top Canadian talent like Jesse King, Logan Schuss, and Austin Shanks. That Canadian connection looks very attractive and he could help re-establish and strengthen that pipeline at Stony Brook. Ross also helped lead Ohio State to a national championship appearance in 2016. 

After helping to lead Virginia to a national championship this past season Sean Kirwan’s name has popped up in multiple coaching searchers. The offensive guru has had success at Brown, helping to take them to a semifinals appearance in 2016 with an offense led by Tewarraton winner Dylan Molloy. 

Kirwan has now brought success to Virginia, moving to Charlottesville with Lars Tiffany. Kirwan has had a lot of success as an assistant and is viewed by many as a future head coach. The only knock is that he is still young, graduating from Tufts in 2012. 

In addition, many have mentioned Rick Sowell and Ryan Wellner as potential candidates, which would be very interesting

Sowell had much success as the head coach at Stony Brook before leaving for Navy where he was fired back in May. Sowell is known as a program builder and it would be very interesting to see him back on the Seawolves sideline, but would they do that? 

Wellner was an assistant under Sowell at Stony Brook from 2009-2011 and was an integral part of the Seawolves success. Wellner then went to Navy with Sowell and was the interim head coach for the Midshipmen until just yesterday when Navy hired Joe Amplo. 

Bringing back Wellner to Stony Brook is something that seems very logical, and Wellner seems to be one of the favorites at this point. He can certainly help reclaim that glory and re-establish the success that he saw during his time as an assistant. 

In addition to Stony Brook, Harvard, Hampton, and Marquette are searching for head coaches. Navy has hired Joe Amplo and Fairfield is reportedly going to hire Andrew Baxter


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