Bellarmine And Marquette Coaching Search Updates


Photo Credit: Mike Keegan                                                                                                                                 

The two most recent DI head coach openings are at Marquette and Bellarmine. Marquette became open after Joe Amplo took the head coaching job at Navy last week and Bellarmine became open just this week after Jim Mitchell stepped down

Both coaching searches appear to be moving fast and hires could be made at one or both in the next few weeks. 

As reported by Chris Jastrembski of College Crosse, it appears that Marquette is circling in on Yale offensive coordinator Andrew Stimmel and Maryland offensive coordinator JL Reppert as their two leading candidates. According to multiple sources, a hire could happen very soon. 

Reppert’s name has been linked to multiple coaching searchers over the past few years, including Navy just last month. Stimmel spent time at Marquette as an assistant prior to coming back to Yale and has also been named in multiple searches.

At this time, Stimmel seems to be the favorite to land the job at Marquette.

Bellarmine is looking to act swiftly in their coaching search as well. According to a source, athletic director Scott Weigandt already has multiple “exciting candidates” lined up and the interview process has already started. 

Players were reportedly told via text message that defensive coordinator Kyle Bernlohr will be interviewing for the head coaching position. Sources also indicate that Bellarmine wishes to retain Bernlohr and assistant coach Steve Soriano. Both have expressed interest in staying at Bellarmine.

Also, Binghamton head coach Kevin McKeown does not appear to be a candidate. Multiple sources pointed him as the fan favorite for the job as soon as the post became open, but those talks have since stopped. 


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