Chaos LC Survives Archers LC Comeback, Secure Third-Straight Win

Photo Courtesy of PLL                                                                                                                                         

Chaos LC was able to survive an impressive late game comeback from Archers LC, winning their third straight game to move to 3-1 on the season. Chaos LC used an impressive display of offense to help get ahead early, but Archers LC woke up late. 

Despite a huge effort from Archers in the second half Chaos was able to hang on and secure the win. Archers had a chance to take tie the game in the final minute, but could not convert as Chaos walked away with the win. 

Chaos was led by Connor Field who tallied 4 points (3G,1A). Jarrod Neumann also had 4 points with two two-point goals. Miles Thompson added 4 points (1G,3A) as well. IN cage Blaze Riorden made 21 saves. 

Marcus Holman led Archers with an impressive performance, tallying 6 points (4G,2A). Will Manny also had 4 points with 3 goals and 1 two-pointer. Tom Schreiber added 3 points (1G,2A) as well. 

Both sides traded goals in the first few minutes of the game, but Chaos soon took over on both ends of the field. A two-goal run that included a two-pointer from Jarrod Neumann really got the Chaos going early on. 

Holding a 6-3 lead heading into the second Chaos continued their impressive run while Archers continued to look flat, making plenty of mistakes in transition. A behind the back goal from Miles Thompson and a goal late in the second from Kevin Buchanan gave Chaos a dominating 10-4 lead at the half. 

Archers finally started to put it together in the third with Tom Schreiber getting the scoring started early on. Midway through Archers went on a three-goal run that instantly gave them a heap of energy.

Despite a Chaos run to end the quarter Archers carried a ton of energy over into the fourth, trailing 14-9 to start the quarter. Archers was able to absolutely dominate the fourth, burning the Chaos defense which had stood so tall all game. 

Kevin Rice turned the corner and found the back of the net late in the fourth, cutting the Chaos lead to 14-13 with just 1:49 in the fourth. While Archers had a few possessions late in the final minute they couldn’t convert on any of their shots, including a rocket from Tom Schreiber which missed wide. 

Chaos was able to walk freely with the 14-13 win, surviving the comeback and moving to 3-1 on the season. Next week in Atlanta Archers LC will play Atlas LC on Friday while Chaos LC plays Chrome LC on Saturday. 

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